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Size: 58(S)
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Comfortable shapewear made with four fabrics: soft powernet mesh, hard powernet mesh, moisture-wicking quick-dry material, and cotton jersey. A girdle crafted with originality by a company with 50 years of experience in making girdles, emphasizing both materials and design.


This feature-packed girdle is comfortable to wear all day long. The body construction is made of a soft material, while the stomach and hips are made of a different material to provide extra support. The waist, which is prone to sweating, is made of a water-absorbent, quick-drying material to reduce humidity and make it more comfortable to wear. The gusset is made of cotton jersey for a secure fit and can be worn as a single garment.

Our Story

After the success of our '100-Year Shorts,' we were inspired to diversify our signature product range. Our factory's roots lie in crafting girdles, a tradition we continue with pride. Uninfluenced by OEM partner perspectives, we embarked on a mission to design what we, as craftsmen, deemed the perfect girdle. Prioritizing the advantages of wearing a girdle and diminishing any discomfort, we successfully brought to market a girdle that marries functionality with all-day comfort.

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S(58): waist (55-61), hips (79-89)
M(64): waist (61-67) hip (83-93)
L(70): waist (67-73) hips (86-96)
LL(76): waist (73-79) hips (86-96)
3L(82): waist (78-86) hips (91-103)
4L(90): waist (86-94) hips (94-106)


Material/Material Body fabric: nylon, ester, others
Crotch: 100% cotton

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