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This application-specific saw with a cover is designed with safety in mind, and it is easy to use even for those with small hands and limited strength. The pink button blade is for use on metal. The blade, treated with high-frequency quenching, offers professional-grade sharpness, which is a hallmark of a company that continues to produce products for professionals. It can cut metal, aluminum, and plastic products. You can use it to adjust sizes or easily dispose of broken plastic cases and laundry poles by cutting them into smaller pieces. Weighing only 105 g, the compact “utiles” can be stored in a pen holder or kitchen drawer, allowing you to use it immediately when needed, without putting it in a toolbox. The “Made in Japan” craftsmanship is highly regarded overseas. Careful attention is paid from making each part to assembling it, with the high quality that comes from Japan’s customer-first mentality, delivering it with heartfelt care.


Patented product

- Applications: cutting metal objects, steel pipes, aluminum, plastics, etc. into small pieces. Can also be used for dismantling bulky items to be disposed of, such as golf clubs, umbrellas, etc.

Blade material: - Hardened special steel (SK85) Handle: ABS resin + elastomer Cover: ABS resin

- Production area: Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture

- Awards: Japan DIY New Product Contest, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award Hyogo No.1 Monozukuri Grand Prize, Selection Committee Special Prize, Five-Star Hyogo Selection, Himeji City Monozukuri Development Incentive Award, 2017 Omotenashi Selection Award,

Utiles was selected by the Kansai Economic Bureau for a project where outstanding Japanese products from the Kansai region are chosen and displayed in a showroom in Paris called "Maison Wa". Parisians loved the product, saying it felt good in their hands, the size was just right (not found in France), and the sharpness seemed good. (This exhibition is now closed.) - Various media such as newspapers and TV shopping channels have featured our products.

Our Story

Established in 1968, our company proudly produces and dispatches around 1.8 million metal cutting saws and machine blades annually. Our primary clientele includes professional artisans like plumbers, electricians, and waterworks specialists, but we also cater to general users through hardware stores and online platforms. In alignment with the emerging trend of DIY enthusiasts, particularly among women, we conceptualized and birthed a product encapsulating the essence ""From tool box to living room."" Our vision was to craft a saw so aesthetically pleasing that it wouldn't seem amiss in a living space or kitchen. We designed the grip to comfortably fit the hands of women and children. Additionally, our focus was on ensuring it was safe to store and transport. Despite its elegant design, the blade boasts professional-grade specifications, adept at cutting a plethora of materials, from metals like aluminum to plastics, resins, and wood. Now, items like old steel shelves, wardrobes, toys, or rusted poles can be efficiently resized for easier, cost-effective disposal. Moreover, our unique blade attachment mechanism, which doesn't rely on screws, has been patented. This product has garnered numerous accolades, including one from the Japanese Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry. We also partner with major hardware stores, mass merchandisers, and department stores both domestically and internationally for OEM engagements across varied products. For further details, don't hesitate to reach out. Our customers have often extolled our products, showering us with 5-star reviews on our e-commerce platform. (Example reviews: A part of our clothes rack was broken, so we bought it to cut the metal into smaller pieces and dispose of it. The poles were quite sturdy, but they were cut cleanly. I checked the blade after cutting several poles and did not see any damage. I guess it depends on the thickness of the metal, but I did not have to exert that much force to cut them. I am satisfied with the product. Given that the cover uses a button mechanism, I believe it's safe. /I was able to easily cut the plastic frame of our kotatsu table (a kind of table with a heating unit), which had been neglected for years. I felt very relieved. /Because the saw is so compact and lightweight, I did not expect it to be so easy to use and to cut so sharply. I am glad I bought it because it is very convenient to have. /The saw is so compact, yet it has excellent sharpness. It is indeed made in Japan. Hats off to a product that even a girl can easily carry.) 


*Before use
◎Please secure a working space and check the safety of your surroundings.
◎Please be very careful when handling knives.
◎For your safety, please wear work gloves.
*While using
◎Please keep your hands away from the blade.
◎Please do not apply excessive force as it is very dangerous.
◎Please do not use this product for purposes other than its intended purpose as this may cause accidents or injuries.
*After use
◎Please wipe off dirt on the blade with a cloth instead of washing it with water. ◎Please store it out of reach of children.

For Sales Representatives, Retailers, and Distributors:

We welcome inquiries about our products from retailers, distributors, and wholesalers around the world. While j-Grab Mall is Japan's No. 1 B2C cross-border e-commerce platform, many Japanese-made products are also available for B2B transactions. If you provide us with details such as the quantity you are interested in purchasing and conditions, we can provide you with a quotation.

To all Sales Representatives, Retailers, and Distributors, please feel free to request sample products from us and experience the quality of Japanese-made products firsthand! At j-Grab Mall, our dedicated staff can handle B2B negotiation and communication on your behalf.

For more information, please send an inquiry via our contact form. We appreciate your interest and look forward to working with you!


260mm × 44mm × 22mm


Blade material: - Hardened special steel (SK85) Handle: ABS resin + elastomer Cover: ABS resin

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