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WAKO silver accessories are individually handcrafted, preserving the traditional Japanese art of making silver hairpins. The designs, which are simple yet never boring, stylish yet somehow gentle and warm, can be attributed to the fact that they are handmade. Unlike factory-made cast products (manufactured by pouring molten silver into molds), each pattern is applied by hand, involving considerable time and effort. However, the finished pieces, crafted through meticulous handiwork, carry the soul of the artisan, and no two pieces bear the same pattern.


This handmade product is made by hammering sterling silver using the traditional technique for making silver ornamental hairpins in Japan. 97.5% or more pure silver is used to create this accessory, which will retain its white shine for a long time. Several different patterns are created by using different types of hammers, each with its own name, such as Kagami-no-uchi, Hira-no-uchi, Midare-no-uchi, Koshi-no-uchi, etc. Each pattern features its own unique style. Products include rings, bracelets, pendants, etc., and are packaged individually in a wooden box.

Our Story

The storied tradition of silver hairpins dates back approximately 400 years, around the mid-Edo period. Women of that era took delight in adorning their long haird tied up with kanzashi (hairpins). Over time, the trend of tying up hair waned, and with it, the kanzashi culture dwindled. However, a young artisan, inheriting silversmith techniques, breathed new life into it, transforming it into a chic accessory for contemporary times. Thus, "Wako" was born. Since its inception in 1998, 25 years on, Wako has preserved its handcrafted ethos, producing a limited run of about five pieces daily.


Pure silver will turn black if it comes into contact with sulfur in the air, so please be careful when going to hot springs. Also, it is relatively soft when compared to other precious metals and easily scratches, so please be careful when wearing it together with platinum accessories.

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Product size:5cm×1cm×1cm
Packing size:6cm×8cm×8cm



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