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Ryutai-moji script, ancient characters believed to have been created by the Japanese deity Umashiashikabi Hikoji, written on traditional Japanese washi paper. This script, which was used in ancient Japan, is said to possess mystical powers. It is believed that wearing it can dispel physical and mental ailments, bring good fortune, and improve health and wealth. It is created with the technique of mizuhiki, a decorative cord often used for celebrations, with eight knots representing an infinite bond. This ballpoint pen incorporates Japanese culture to create a lucky charm that you can carry with you at all times.


It is made of Japanese washi paper and mizuhiki, which are used for celebrations in Japan. When people visit shrines and temples in Japan, they buy good luck charms that they carry around with them. We thought it would be wonderful if people overseas could wear an item that can be carried around as a good-luck charm, so we added Japanese washi paper and mizuhiki to the ballpoint pen and wrote dragon characters that are associated with good luck in money and health. Ballpoint pen body size approx. 14 cm, shaft diameter approx. 9 mm, tube mouth size approx. 7 mm, weight approx. 15 g Ink color black Ball point 1 mm, 1 spare lead, with a special case Pearl pink silver (good luck with money), Peacock gold (good luck in health), Violet pink gold (realize your dream).

Our Story

The allure of Japanese washi paper, previously unfamiliar in my day-to-day life, compelled me to craft something unique with it. Thus, the idea of creating a ballpoint pen, serving as a pragmatic good-luck charm, emerged. I am an ardent devotee of Japanese shrines, with a particular fondness for Eshima Shrine, which reveres deities like Seoritsuhime, Ichikishimahime no Mikoto, and the Dragon God. Places like Chikubushima, Miyajima, Hakone Shrine, Kutouryuu Shrine, and Tanashi Shrine, known as the three pivotal benzaiten shrines in Japan, have also been graced by my visits. The list is extensive. My shrine visits have often led to mysterious experiences and deep connections with kami and the Dragon God. Delving into Japanese history, I uncovered the sanctity of the dragon script. Having penned and carried these dragon scripts as amulets, I envisioned this creation to be a portable charm, fulfilling wishes and granting protection.


The pen is ejected by turning the pen tip, so please never turn the center of the pen. When changing the refill, pull the pen tip straight out. If it is hard, sandwich it with a rubber item to make it easier to remove. After unscrewing the refill, replace it with a new refill and screw it in. Put it back into the main unit and it is done.

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