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Regain your vitality and youthful skin of a decade ago.


[Producer/Manufacturer]Snowden Co., Ltd.
[Distributor]Tiara (Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
[Ingredients]Placenta, ginseng, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, odorless garlic, collagen peptide, oligosaccharide, soy peptide, silk protein
[Instructions]Take 8 capsules per day (for adults), all at once in the morning or 4 capsules in the morning and 4 capsules in the evening, with plenty of water (due to the product’s high concentration).
[Storage]Store at room temperature.

Our Story

This supplement is for people who do not want to get tired and want to look younger than others. It is the ultimate supplement for recovering from fatigue. It is the most powerful supplement for recovering from fatigue. It is the ultimate supplement for anti-aging. Take these supplements when you go on a date. Take them at critical junctures when you need all the strength. Bring back your strength and skin from 10 years ago. The placenta is the schematic for creating a healthy body and skin. Yukasha is recommended for the following persons.
〇You want to fully get rid of your fatigue
〇You don’t want to get a hangover
〇You want to look young
〇You want to to prevent skin irritation/make your skin look beautiful
〇You want to cure menopause
〇You want to make your body stronger (not easily catch a cold)
〇You want more energy
〇You want to prevent cold sensitivity
〇You want to get rid of stiff shoulders/lower back pain


Storage method: Store at room temperature.


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