Yukishio Chinsuko Milk Flavor Biscuit 48 packs Okinawa Japan

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Snow Salt Chinsuko, a milk-flavored cookie with the perfect combination of the gentle sweetness of milk and the saltiness of snow salt

Chinsuko is a major staple of Okinawan souvenirs.

"Snow Salt Chinsuko" is kneaded with seawater salt "snow salt" from Miyako Island.
The unique sweetness of chinsuko has a subtle saltiness that gives it an exquisite and rich flavor.

The gentle sweetness of milk and the saltiness of snow salt are a perfect match.
Its crispy texture and mild, rich flavor make it an addictive delicacy once you try it.

What is Snow Salt Chinsuko...
Snow Salt Chinsuko" is loved not only as a souvenir, but also by local Okinawan people.
The grains of Yukishio are about one-fourth the size of ordinary salt and are as silky as powdered snow.
The combination of snow salt and chinsuko is the result of a long history of making traditional Ryukyuan confections.
It is an old and new Ryukyuan traditional confectionery that is the embodiment of our desire to pass on the traditions of Okinawa, the bounty of the rich sea, and the spirit of the people.

"Snow Salt Chinsuko" won the highest gold medal in Monde Selection for three consecutive years.

Monde Selection is a private Belgian company that judges the technical standards of a wide range of products, including food products.
At Monde Selection, a prestigious competition in which food manufacturers from all over the world submit their products, "Snow Salt Chinsuko" has won the "Highest Gold Award" for three consecutive years.

The quality of the product was recognized in the examination items of "hygiene," "taste," "packaging," "raw materials," etc.
Furthermore, it has also won the "International Highest Gold Award," making it a globally recognized confectionery.

Snow Salt Chinsuko Milk Flavor Biscuits 48pcs Product Details

Manufacturer Name Nanpudo Co.
Content 48 pcs (2 x 24 bags)
Weight of single item 620g
Product dimensions (mm) 170×225×45

Flour (manufactured in Japan), sugar, lard, shortening, salt (manufactured on Miyakojima Island, Okinawa Prefecture)/expanding agent, (contains wheat, pork, soybeans)

■Storage Method
Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.
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