j-Grab Mall is a cross-border e-commerce marketplace operated to bring excellent Japanese products and services to customers around the world.

This project is j-Grab to make it a sustainable export business that can respond to the various social issues that Japan is facing as the aging population and declining birthrate accelerates and the population decreases.

One of the challenges of overseas e-commerce sales is that many Japanese products cannot be purchased until the buyer holds the actual product in his or her hands to smell and feel it, taste it, or, for cosmetics, try it on the skin.

To overcome this challenge and for the very first time in Japan, JTB provides full cooperation to open “Showroom Store Project” in some of the JTB's overseas branches in more than 30 countries, so that overseas consumers can pick up and check products sold through cross-border EC and purchase them using QR codes.

As the products are sold as Duty-Free, the price will be discounted by 10% for the consumption tax compared to the price in Japan. 

In addition, we will implement a variety of measures to attract customers and promote our products, such as publishing information on Social Platforms by influential foreign influencers to announce and promote our products that will be sold widely around the world, providing discount coupons, and offering gift items in a drawing for those who purchase them.

Additionally, we provide “Fulfillment by j-Grab (FBJ)” as the product delivery service, in which the products are stored in j-Grab's designated warehouses in Japan for direct international delivery, develops an Online-To-Offline (O2O) business that offers express delivery service that arrives in as little as two business days after purchase.

Please look forward to services from j-Grab Mall.

j-Grab Inc.

j-Grab Inc.
Akihiko Yamada