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A Crisp Encounter with Japanese Tradition

Unveil the essence of traditional Japanese culinary art with Nissin Dodonbei Kakiage Tempura Udon Noodle. The delectable union of udon's chewy texture and the crispy allure of kakiage tempura creates a sensory experience like no other. Allow yourself to be swept away by the flavors of an authentic Japanese eatery with each bite.

Convenience Meets Gourmet

The hustle and bustle of modern life shouldn't rob you of gourmet pleasures. With Nissin's innovation, indulge in a lavish udon meal complete with crispy tempura bits in just minutes. It's a quick, sumptuous meal solution for the sophisticated palate, bringing the richness of Japanese kitchens right to your bowl.

Authenticity Packed with Nutrition

Beyond its exquisite taste, the Dodonbei Kakiage Tempura Udon Noodle is a testament to Nissin's commitment to quality and health. Using choice ingredients and maintaining the integrity of traditional recipes, this delightful bowl offers not just flavor, but also the benefits of balanced nutrition.

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