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Nutty Berry Fusion: Yamawaki Superfine Peanut Currants

Snack Richness Unveiled: Yamawaki Superfine Peanut Currants blend the satisfying crunch of peanuts with the sweet tartness of currants in a 130g pack. This snack unites the earthy flavors of finely selected peanuts with the fruity zing of currants, offering a delightful contrast that's as tasty as it is nutritious.

A Duo of Delight: The combination of peanuts and currants isn't just delicious—it's a dance of textures and tastes. The creamy, rich flavor of the peanuts complements the chewy, tangy currants, creating a harmonious snack that's both comforting and invigorating.

Wholesome Snacking Pleasure: Yamawaki's commitment to quality ensures that every bag of Superfine Peanut Currants is a premium snacking choice. It's a wholesome, delightful mix that's perfect for those mid-day hunger pangs or as a healthier option for your evening munchies.

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