Hokunyu Sugared Skimmed Condensed Milk 25.5 kg For Business Use Hokkaido Japan

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Sweetened Perfection: Hokunyu Sugared Skimmed Condensed Milk 25.5kg

Hokkaido's Sweet Dairy Delight

  • Authentic Hokkaido Sweetness: Immerse yourself in the sweetness of Hokkaido with Hokunyu Sugared Skimmed Condensed Milk. This 25.5kg package is specially crafted for business use, offering a taste of Japan’s renowned dairy heritage with a delightful twist of sweetness.
  • Premium Quality, Sweetened for Excellence: Crafted from the finest dairy sources in Hokkaido, this skimmed condensed milk balances health with indulgence. Its smooth, creamy texture and perfect sweetness level make it a preferred ingredient for those seeking a high-quality, sweetened dairy product.

Health-Conscious, Sweet Indulgence

  • Optimally Sweetened, Skimmed for Health: We’ve carefully balanced the sweetness to ensure a guilt-free indulgence. By skimming the milk, we retain the delicious flavor while reducing the fat content, making it an ideal choice for health-aware consumers.
  • Nutrition in Every Dollop: Fortified with essential nutrients, this condensed milk is more than just sweet. It’s a source of calcium, vitamins, and minerals, enhancing the nutritional value of every dish it graces.

Versatile Sweetness for Every Business Application

  • A Culinary Masterpiece: Whether it's for desserts, beverages, or savory dishes, Hokunyu Sugared Skimmed Condensed Milk is incredibly versatile. Its ability to dissolve easily and blend smoothly makes it a favorite among chefs and baristas.
  • Bulk Convenience for Business Needs: The 25.5kg packaging is designed for efficiency and ease of use in a commercial setting. It ensures that businesses have a steady supply of high-quality sweetened condensed milk, optimizing storage and handling.

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