Insect Garden T-Shirt SDGs Message Recycled PET Bottle Beetle Kawaii Japan

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"The Insect Garden ""SDGs Message T-shirt"" appears every month.
In May 2021, a beetle conveys the message.

”May children all over the world, wherever they were born, be able to grow up with a smile.”

The T-shirt uses a new material originally created by Insect Garden as a sustainable material, made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.
A beautiful insect made of flowers by Raku Inoe, who lives in Montreal, Canada, with a playing card design, conveying an environmental message.
We have come up with the world's most sustainable and beautiful SDGs message T-shirt, that can be worn across ages, generations, and genders.
We would love for this item to go to anyone who wants to convey the concept of SDGs.
Click here to learn more about the planning of this message T-shirt
* A portion of the proceeds will be used for development projects, such as nature conservation and biological protection of insects."

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