HOULAINO HASSEN Spice Mix Vegetable-based curry roux BIO KORMA CURRY

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Healthy and earth-friendly vegetable-based curry roux made with the blessings of plants

●No flour ●No animal ingredients ●No artificial seasonings ●No additives
Made entirely from vegetable ingredients. By using white sorghum instead of wheat flour, this product can be enjoyed by a wide range of people. Organic wolfberry seed powder is mixed from spices by an organic wolfberry seed specialist to make it more flavorful and tasty. Vegetable-based curry roux is a healthy and environmentally friendly food. Humans are part of nature. We believe that caring for the earth's environment leads to our physical health. Enjoy Biokorma Curry, which is plant-based and properly spiced.




Millet flour, rice bran oil,unrefined sugar, sun-dried salt, onion powder, tomato paste, curry powder, wolfberry powder, yeast extract, sauteed onions, red wine, ginger paste, garlic paste, cocoa powder