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The top Notoginseng supplement

Have you heard of the ancient Chinese tradition of Notoginseng?
Notoginseng is a precious product that takes more than three years to grow into a full-grown ginseng.
Among them, the one called "Jutou Root" is the first-class Notoginseng.
Dream Notoginseng is the first grade of Notoginseng. 

Four typical characteristics of Notoginseng
1.[Hemostasis] It stops bleeding.

It helps to improve cuts, hemorrhage, hematemesis, hemorrhage of the fundus of the eye, intracerebral hemorrhage, hematuria, hemorrhage of hemorrhoids, etc.

2【Blood dispersal】It improves blood flow.

It helps to improve lifestyle-related diseases, women's diseases in general, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, internal bleeding, etc.

3.【Anti-pain】This is a function to relieve pain.

It helps to relieve headache, stiff shoulders, backache, knee pain, etc.

4. [swelling removal] It removes swelling.

It helps to improve bruises, tumors, inflammation, swelling, bruises, rheumatism, etc.

Other characteristics of San-Shichi
It improves diabetes, liver function, circulatory function, and autonomic nerves.

Recommended for the following people

Those who suffer from daily cold sores.

Those who have been suffering from chronic pain for a long time.

Those who have poor blood test results.

Those who often drink alcoholic beverages.

Those who suffer from fatigue.

Those who feel stress.

Those who have trouble sleeping well

Those who have trouble with urinating at night.

Those who have been taking medication for a long time, but it does not show any effect.

Menopausal patients

Those who are conscious of maintaining good health.


600 capsules: H14cm x W7cm x D7cm
150 grains: H10.5cm x W6cm x D6cm


Notoginseng powder (made in Japan)