Lipton Black Tea Sakura Tea Bags 12 Bags x 6 box Moments of tranquility Japan

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The softly fragrant cherry blossoms of Lipton's Sakura Tea Set remind us of the arrival of spring.

A set of Lipton seasonal Sakura flavored teas.

You can enjoy the gentle aroma and refreshing taste of cherry blossoms, as if spring has come, just like sakura mochi (cherry blossom cakes).
It has a slight cherry blossom scent that is not strong, so it is recommended for times when you need to take a break or just take a breather.

It can be enjoyed on its own, but it is also delicious as milk tea with milk or soy milk.

The secret of the delicious taste is the pyramid-shaped tea bag! How to make Sakura Tea

Sakura Tea bags have a "pyramid" shape that allows the tea leaves to spread out.When hot water is poured, it is as if the tea leaves are jumping, bringing out the true flavor of the tea.

How to brew a delicious cup of Sakura Tea

  1. Shape the tea bags into a neat pyramid.
    Use 1 tea bag per cup.
  2. After setting the tea bag in the cup, pour in freshly boiled water.
    Warm the cup in advance for best taste.
  3. Pour in hot water, cover and wait 1 minute.
    (The tea leaves are jumping).
  4. Shake the tea bag three times to remove it, and it is ready to serve.
    The fresh and gentle scent of cherry blossoms spreads like the arrival of spring♪

Lipton Sakura Tea Bag Product Information

Brand name Lipton
Content by volume 19.2g x 12 bags x 6 boxes
Ingredients Black tea (Indonesia, Sri Lanka, others)/flavoring

◇ Storage
Store in a dark place away from high temperature and humidity.

◇ Precautions
  • Please handle boiling water with care.
  • The handle and thread are fused to the tea bag by ultrasonic waves without using any adhesive, so please remove the handle and use it.
  • The grains in the tea bag are flavorings.