Soukaku Kyoto Kaho Japan

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Kyoto Nishijin textiles originated in the 5th and 6th centuries and established their foundation in the 15th century, and are produced through more than 20 specialized processes.

The hanging scroll "Soukaku" (Twin Cranes) is a "Kisshouzu" (auspicious figure) depicting an old pine tree in vivid green with a couple of cranes that are said to maintain longevity for a thousand years. The couple of cranes resting together is said to bring "prosperity," "health and longevity," and "family happiness. The rising sun, symbolizing all life, is said to bring prosperity, good fortune, good omens, and a bountiful harvest. This "Soukaku" is woven with pure gold and platinum foil and silk threads on a special loom that is four to nine times more delicate than ordinary Nishijin brocade.



H approx. 184.0 cm x W approx. 44.0 cm


Nishijin textile (pure gold leaf, platinum leaf, silk thread)