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Blendistick Matcha Ore is a creamy and flavoursome drink made with domestic matcha tea, which can be enjoyed hot or iced.

Blendistick Matcha Ore is a mild, creamy, flavoursome and sweet matcha ore made with domestic matcha tea.

The 20 sticks are individually wrapped to ensure that each cup is freshly consumed.
A special mixer is used to mix the matcha, milk and sugar in just the right balance.

It can be enjoyed hot or iced.
Each stick contains 120 mg of polyphenols.

If you're tired at work, why not relax a little with a sweet matcha green tea au lait?
Why not take a break from housework and enjoy a cup of matcha-ore and breathe a sigh of relief?
You can easily enjoy matcha ore anywhere you like.

◇Delicious way to drink  *Make sure to use heat-resistant containers.
 Prepare 180 ml of hot water.
 Place one stick in a cup, pour in the prepared hot water, stir well and enjoy.
 Prepare 90 ml of hot water.
 Pour 1 stick and 90 ml of hot water into a cup and stir.
 Add 5-6 ice cubes and stir well until cold before serving.

AGF Blendy Sticks Green Tea au Lait 21 pcs Product Information

Manufacturer Name Ajinomoto AGF Ltd.
Brand name Blendy®
Content 210g (10g x 21)
Specification Instant beverages (stick type)

Sugar (manufactured in Japan), creaming powder (containing dairy ingredients), skimmed milk powder, matcha green tea, yeast extract/pH adjuster, milk protein, flavour (from milk), sweetener (aspartame L-phenylalanine compound, acesulfame K), micro-silicon oxide, emulsifying agent, seasoning (amino acids).

Store away from high temperatures and humidity.
The box containing the sticks can be used as a convenient stick stand.

AGF Stick's particular technology

AGF sticks are designed to be safe, secure and easy to use.

Point 1: The stick has rounded corners (stick R-cut process).
This is designed to avoid damaging fingers or the inside of the bag in which the sticks are stored.
Point 2: Processing for easy opening.
The sticks are designed to be easily opened by hand without scissors.

The packaging has also been changed to make it easier to place on a tabletop.
The box containing the sticks is zipped for easy opening and removal.

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