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Doutor Coffee's "Deep Roast Blend" with a rich aroma and full flavor. 100 large bags. (New package)

100 bags of Doutor Coffee Deep Roasted Blend, a blend of mainly Vietnamese and Colombian coffee beans.

Carefully and slowly roasted, this deep-roasted blend of coffees has a rich, bitter taste with a savory aroma.Not only is it easy and simple to open, but the wide mouth makes it easy to pour hot water.Enjoy the rich aroma that spreads from the moment you set it in your cup and pour hot water.

Founded in 1962, Doutor Coffee is delicious because of its commitment to beans.Carefully selected green coffee beans are roasted at Doutor's own factory.Skilled roasters carefully roast coffee.

The large capacity is great for stocking up at home or sharing at work.

For your morning coffee, for a break from work, you can easily enjoy the taste of store coffee anytime, anywhere!

Doutor Coffee Drip Pack Deep Roast Blend Delicious Brewing

Doutor Coffee Drip Pack Deep Roast Blend is easy and tasty.

How to drink

  1. Tap the top of the main unit lightly to collect coffee grounds below.Cut out along the perforation line.
  2. In the prepared cup, spread the side cardboard on both sides and set it firmly on the edge of the cup.
  3. Pour a small amount of hot water and steam for about 20 seconds.Then pour boiling water 2~3 times.

The steaming time allows the flavor of the coffee to be extracted thoroughly.

Please be careful to avoid burns when pouring boiling water.
The standard finished volume is 140 cc, but you can adjust the amount of hot water according to your preference.

Doutor Coffee Drip Pack Deep Roast Blend 100 Pack Product Information

Manufacturer Name Doutor Coffee
Contents 6.5g x 100 bags
Ingredients Coffee bean
Uncooked beans country of origin Brazil, Colombia, etc.
Degree of roasting Top roasted (French Roast)


  • Store away from high temperature and humidity.
  • After opening, please consume as soon as possible.
  • Place the cup on a stable surface and set the drip pack correctly.
  • Please handle boiling water with care as it may cause burns.

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