Morihan Premium Organic Uji Matcha Powder 30g Kyoto Japan - Tokyo Sakura Mall



Kyoto's Morihan Organic Uji Matcha is a historic gem, produced with great care from the soil preparation.

Morihan Organic Uji Matcha is produced with special attention to soil preparation.
It is certified organic, which means that it is not only tasty and aromatic, but also healthy and safe.

This delicious matcha has a low bitterness and is both mild and deep.

There are different ways to drink and use it.

  • As an everyday drink of matcha
  • Add soy milk, sugar, etc. to make it latte-like.
  • For bakery and confectionery use.
  • For use in the tea ceremony

The zipped, freestanding stand-up pack is easy to use and easy to store.

Morihan Premium Organic Uji Matcha Powder 30 g Product information

Manufacturer Name kyoeiseicha Co.,Ltd
Brand name Morihan
Contents 30g x 1 bag
Organic powdered green tea

Ingredients Green tea (domestic)

Store away from high temperatures and high humidity and take care to avoid transfer of odours.

Morihan History and thoughts from Edo to the present day

Morihan has been steeped in history and tradition, placing quality taste and aroma first and foremost, since its foundation in Edo Tenpo 7 in Uji-Ogura, Kyoto.
It has won numerous awards at national tea fairs, including the National Industrial Exhibition.

In addition, Morihan Organic Uji Matcha is an organic matcha that has been carefully selected from the soil preparation process.
It is also a safe and secure organic matcha with the 'Organic JAS Mark', which is proof of its organic status.

Morihan's desire is to 'convey good taste and culture through tea'.

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