NISSIN Seafood Cup Noodle PRO High Protein & Low Sugar 78g x 12 Packs Japan - Tokyo Sakura Mall



High in protein and low in sugar, Nissin Seafood Cup Noodle PRO tastes better than you could ever imagine!

Keep the same delicious taste.

The "low-sugar three-layer frying process" ensures that the seafood flavor, richness, and deliciousness of the product remain the same when compared to Cup Noodle Seafood.

■Features of Nissin Seafood Cup Noodle PRO
High protein. (15 g protein)
50% less sugar than Cup Noodle Seafood.
It contains the equivalent of about 6 lettuce servings of dietary fiber.

More and more people are choosing "Nissin Seafood Cup Noodle PRO" because of its high protein content.

It is also nice to know that it is under 300 kcal.
Many people buy it not only as a regular meal, but also as an emergency ration.

■How to eat
Peel off the lid to the halfway point.
Pour boiling water (310 ml) slowly up to the inner line and cover.
After 3 minutes, remove the lid and stir well before serving.

Manufacturer and Brand Information for Nissin Seafood Cup Noodle PRO

brand name Cup Noodle

Nissin Foods Corporation is a Japanese food company that manufactures and sells instant products and instant noodles.

In addition to "Cup Noodle," the company manufactures and sells "Nissin's Curry Meshi," "Nissin's Donbei," "Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O.," and too many other brands and products to introduce here.

Details of Nissin Seafood Cup Noodle PRO High Protein, Low Sugar 78g x 12 pack

Contents (quantity) 1 serving 78g x 12
Size of the product to be delivered 11 cm (height) x 40 cm (depth) x 30 cm (width)
Weight of goods 1.35 kg
Shelf life 6 months from date of manufacture

Abura-age noodles (wheat flour (manufactured in Japan),vegetable fats,vegetable protein,table salt,Psyllium seed coat powder,soy sauce,protein hydrolysate,spices,chicken seasoning,dried egg powder),soup (collagen peptide,pork seasoning, chicken seasoning,pig fat,sugars,spices, emulsified fats and oils,powdered soy sauce,carrot seasoning,protein hydrolysate,foods made mainly from milk, etc., asari seasoning,vegetable seasoning oil,red pickled ginger,pork seasoning oil),ingredient(cabbage,fish-paste products, seasoned egg, squid, green onion)/processed starch, seasoning (amino acid, etc.),thickener(polysaccharide thickener,alginate ester),flavorings, brine, Ca carbonate,spice extract,cyclic oligosaccharides, emulsifiers,pH adjuster, calcined Ca,carotenoid pigment, antioxidant (vitamin E),benicouzy pigment, caramel coloring,Mg carbonate,cha extract,silicone, vitamin B2,acidifier, vitamin B1,(some ingredients include crab, wheat, eggs, milk constituent, squid, sesame, soybeans, chicken, pork, and gelatin)

◇Nutrition Facts [per serving (78g)

 (Noodles and ingredient)
 ( 67kcal)
Protein 15.2g
Lipids 18.1g
Carbohydrate 38.4g
Sugar 18.2g
Dietary fiber 20.2g
Salt Equivalent
 (Noodles and ingredient)
Vitamin B1 0.58mg
Vitamin B2 0.4mg
Calcium 107mg

◇Allergen information
Wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, crab, pork, chicken, squid, soybeans, sesame, gelatin

Allergen information on the website may differ from that on the product package due to changes in the ingredients used.

・Store at room temperature.
・Keep out of direct sunlight and away from strong odors.
・Be careful not to burn yourself.

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