Tenkaippin Instant Ramen Noodle Kyoto Chicken 135g x 12 Packs Japan - Tokyo Sakura Mall



Authentic Taste of Kyoto

Experience a culinary trip to the heart of Japan with the Tenkaippin Instant Ramen Noodle Kyoto Chicken. Bursting with the flavors of savory chicken and nuanced undertones of rich Japanese spices, this product embodies the well-preserved recipe of Kyoto’s renowned ramen. Every 138g pack invites you to dine as if you're in a traditional ramen shop nestled in the old town of Kyoto.

Deliciously Convenient Ramen Experience

A hectic schedule shouldn't bar you from enjoying an authentic ramen feast. Our Tenkaippin Instant Ramen is a mealtime game-changer. Ready in just minutes, these easy-to-prepare noodles serve up a hearty bowl of deliciousness. Perfect for late-night studies, busy office hours, or simply when you crave a warm, inviting meal – it’s the taste of Japan, made instant!

A Staple in Every Pantry

Why settle for less when you can stock up on the best? The Tenkaippin Instant Ramen Noodle Kyoto Chicken comes in a generous 12-pack bundle. That's twelve occasions for you to savor the umami of Japanese cuisine right at your home's comfort. Be it a midweek dinner, a weekend comfort food, or an impressive dish for guests – these noodles are a household essential.

Sanyo Tenkaippin Instant Ramen Noodle Kyoto Chicken 138g x 12 Packs Product Information

Manufacturer Name Sanyo Foods Co.
Brand name The Taste of Famous Restaurants
Contents 138g (75g noodles) x 12 servings
Ingredients : Noodle (wheat flour (produced in Japan), vegetable oil and fat, salt, soybean fiber, egg powder), soup (chicken seasoning, pork extract, soy sauce, chicken fat, salt, sugars, pork fat, prepared lard, garlic paste, chicken extract, processed fat and oil products, protein hydrolysate, spices, processed soybean products, rice flour, potato powder, chicken liver powder, seasoning oil and fat, yeast extract, gelatin, vegetable oil and fat), dried vegetables (chashu pork, pickled bamboo shoots, green onions)/Processed starch, thickener (processed starch, polysaccharide thickener, sodium alginate), seasoning (amino acid, etc.), sake lees, brine, caramel color, emulsifier, gardenia color, fine silicon dioxide, antioxidant (vitamin E), cacao color, acidifier, (some ingredients: wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, soybeans, chicken, pork, gelatin) (some of which contain wheat, eggs, dairy ingredients, soybeans, chicken, pork, gelatin)

■Nutrition Facts [per serving (138g)
 Noodles and ingredients
Protein 12.9g
Lipids 18.9g
Carbohydrate 70.2g
Salt Equivalent
 Noodles and ingredients
Ingredient names and nutritional information for this product listed may differ from what is listed on the product package.
Please check the label on your product package before consuming.

Allergen information
Wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, soybeans, chicken, pork, gelatin

※Please check the allergen information on the label on your product package before consuming.

  • Store at room temperature, avoiding high temperature, high humidity, strong aroma, and direct sunlight.
  • Beware of burns.
  • Do not cook in a microwave oven.
  • Do not add any cooking oil other than that provided. Doing so may cause the cup to deteriorate and break.
  • Soup contains a thickening agent. Stir well before serving.

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