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Ace Cook COCO Ichibanya Curry Instant Ramen is sugar free, but still tastes great!

The slightly tangy and spicy curry ramen supervised by the popular curry specialty restaurant "CoCo Ichibanya" is low in sugar, but still delicious.

The pork bone base with a vegetable flavor, aromatic vegetables and flavorful spices create a thick soup.
These non-fried noodles are adjusted to match the low-sugar but spicy soup, but they are also satisfying and healthy.
Ingredients are a combination of textured soybean soboro, potatoes made only from domestic ingredients, flavorful onions, colorful green onions, and carrots.

Ace Cook COCO Ichibanya Curry Instant Ramen Low Calorie 72g x 12 Packs Product Information

Manufacturer Name Ace Cook
Content (amount of noodles) 72g (57g noodles) x 12 pcs.
Ingredients : Noodle (vegetable protein (manufactured in Japan), wheat flour, vegetable oil and fat, salt, soy sauce, protein hydrolysate, ginger powder, soybean dietary fiber, egg white powder), soup (pork extract, pork seasoning, curry powder, salt, vegetable powder, spices, flavor enhancer, powdered sauce, protein hydrolysate), dried powder (soybean Processed food, potato, onion, leek, carrot) / Processed starch, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), thickener (polysaccharide thickener, processed starch), emulsifier, caramel color, sorbit, baking soda, flavor, brine, Ca carbonate, fine silicon dioxide, antioxidant (vitamin E, vitamin C), carotenoid color, acidifier,Sweeteners (candlenut, sucralose, acesulfame K), (some contain wheat, egg, soybeans, chicken, pork)

Standard Nutrition Facts [per serving (72g)]
Calories 219kcal
Protein 10.2g
Lipids 3.2g
 Dietary fiber


Salt Equivalent
 Noodles and ingredient


Allergen information
Wheat, eggs, soybeans, chicken, pork

・Final production of products is performed in Japan.
・Please be sure to check the product labeling on your product, as the description may differ from that on the product package due to product renewal, etc.
・Store at room temperature, avoiding high temperature, high humidity, strong aroma, and direct sunlight.
・Please be careful not to burn yourself.
・Do not add any cooking oil other than that supplied, as it may alter and damage the cup.
・Approximate volume of hot water required: 360 ml

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