AGF Blendy Regular Coffee Drip Pack Special Blend 100 bags Drip Coffee Japan

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Delicious drip coffee 365 days a year. Blendy regular coffee drip packs provide a rich aroma and a clear, clean taste that lasts until the very last sip. The well-balanced taste makes it possible to enjoy drip coffee every day.

AGF "Blendy" Regular Coffee Drip Pack Special Blend 100 bags has a well-balanced, mild aroma and full flavor that lasts until the last sip. Each cup is individually wrapped for freshness.

When you open the package When you open the package, when you brew it, and when you drink it. The "Blendy" drip packs are designed to enrich your relaxation time with the aroma of coffee at various stages of brewing.

The 100-cup serving makes this drip coffee ideal for those who consume a lot of coffee at the office or at home.
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