AGF Drip Coffee SEN Regular Coffee Premium Drink Comparison 40 Cups Japan

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Brand: AGF
Product shape: Drip pack
Flavor: Black
Roast level: dark_roast
Package information: bag
Number of units: 1 piece
Number of products: 20
Special Ingredients: Ingredients: Coffee beans (Country of raw bean production: Tanzania, Colombia, etc.)
Product weight: 10g
Quantity: 20

Manufacturer name: AGF
Brand name: Sen
Product type: Drip coffee
Country of origin: Japan
Ingredients: [Fragrance and richness] Coffee beans (green bean producing country: Tanzania, Colombia, etc.) [Rich and deep flavor] Coffee beans (green bean producing country: Tanzania, Colombia, etc.)
Best before date: 390 days from date of manufacture
Delicious way to drink: Compatible cups; Diameter: 7~9cm 1. Shake lightly to remove the powder and cut along the dotted line (be careful not to spill the powder) 2. Pinch the bottom of the hook and pull it left and right to spread it out and open the rim of the cup. 3. Pour hot water slowly [Tips on how to brew] Please prepare about 140ml of hot water for each cup. Pour a small amount of hot water over the powder, let it steam for about 20 seconds, then slowly pour in the hot water in two or three portions.

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