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Air-fix is a "Time Saving Fixture " that increases productivity by moving a coordinate measuring machine or a work on a stone surface plate smoothly and fixing it tightly. Air-fix shorten the setup time! This product offers great advantages when measuring single items or small lots!

It was jointly developed by Mitutoyo Co., Ltd. and Sasaki Koki Inc. which received a patent license from Mitutoyo Co., Ltd. (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture), a manufacturer of precision measuring equipment. Furthermore, a joint patent application has been filed between the two companies for this product.
[Patent No. 4616563] [Japanese Patent Application No. 2022-042420]

<What is Air-fix?>
A vacuum suction type fixture that can fix the work at any position on a coordinate measuring machine or stone surface plate. It is firmly adsorbed on the surface plate just by supplying compressed air. Adsorption to stone surface plates and ceramic surface plates, which is not possible with magnet jigs, is possible. Even during suction, it can be easily moved and attached by simply pressing the exhaust port with your fingers.

① Instead of Eco-fix baseplate (no need for baseplate)
② For positioning and abutting of workpieces
③ Can be used for workpiece fixation using clamping tools
④ For the dial gauge stand
⑤ For holding a large work that protrudes from the Eco-fix base plate
⑥ For the base of the magnet stand

Eco-Fix is a clamping tool of Mitutoyo Co., Ltd. By combining each element like a block toys, it is a clamping system that can easily fix various measurement objects

Size :21 mm x 58 mm x 91 mm, weight 630 g

Air Consumption Flow Rate :8 L / min <in standard condition>

Adsorption Retention:200 N (20.4 kgf) <vertical direction> 65 N (6.6 kgf) (spring plate tip)

Quietness (Operating Sound) :50dB The standard of operating sound is 50dB, which is about a quiet office.

Loading Weight :Max 10kg for φ12mm location pin up to 50mm length, max 1kg for over 50mm up to 100mm

Starter Kit contains : Air-fix 22B1x3,
Φ12 Location Pin L100×6pcs, Φ12 Location Pin L 50×6pcs, Φ12 Location Pin L 25×6pcs, Straight Pin×3pcs, Spring Clip×3pcs

Piping set contains : Φ4 tube, Φ6 tube, hand valve, reducer, tube fitting, coupler (total length about 3 m)


About Us

Development, design, manufacture, and sales of systems combining automation and labor-saving machinery and equipment for general industrial machinery and equipment

Design, manufacture, and assembly of various types of machinery and equipment

We are particularly strong in pneumatic equipment. Pneumatic equipment is attracting attention as an inexpensive explosion-proof control system with all-air control.

We offer flexible design proposals according to specifications and also manufacture measuring device units using air and lasers. In addition, please consult with us about the manufacture of other mechanical devices such as pneumatic, hydraulic, and water hydraulic controls.

In parts processing, we specialize in machining center and NC lathe processing, and also offer lathe, milling, welding, electric discharge, and precision sheet metal processing.


KAWASAKI CITY STORE brings a curated collection of products from the City of Kawasaki in Japan to customers around the world. We promise to support our customers kindly, courteously, and promptly, based on the spirit of Omotenashi.

Kawasaki City is located just west of Tokyo, Japan. As part of the Tokyo metropolitan area, the city has significantly contributed to Japan's industrialization and modernization.

Furthermore, Kawasaki City is one of the locations depicted in "The 53 Stations of the Tokaido" (Hiroshige Utagawa, 1832-1833) and is situated along the historic Tokaido road, the highway connecting Edo to Kyoto. Therefore, we honor both modern and traditional Japanese cultures. Through this store, overseas customers can purchase a variety of products made by Japanese specialists, from glass artisans to sheet metal workers.

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