Anime Capsule Toys Figurine 3-Piece Set Japan Jutsu Kaisen, Tom and Jerry, Uma Musume

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Collaboration of capsule toys from anime. Stay tuned to see what will be sent to you.

Product 1: A collection of darkly colored sweets from "Jutsu Kaisen

The characters of "Jutsu Kaisen" are now available as dark-themed sweets. These gorgeous sweets have been meticulously reproduced with delicious texture and detail, and each character's icon is printed on them. Below are the details of each sweet.

Details of each character's sweets
Gojo Satoru Dark Chocolate
Characteristics: Made with rich dark chocolate for a smooth melt-in-your-mouth texture. It has a bitter taste that perfectly matches the cool image of Gojo Satoru. The surface of the chocolate is beautifully printed with Gojo Satoru's icon.

Xiaoyu Jie Dark Biscuit
Feature: Crunchy dark biscuit with a crispy texture. The perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness enhances the appeal of Xiaoyu Jie. The icon of Xiaoyu Jie is carefully printed on the surface of the cookie.

Iairi Glass Dark Cream
Characteristics: Filled with rich and creamy dark cream. The rich cream expresses the elegant atmosphere of Iairi Glass. The Iairi Glass icon is delicately drawn on the surface of the cream.
Nanami Kenjin Dark Cream

Characteristic: A sweet filled with mouth-watering dark cream. You can enjoy the deep, rich flavor that matches the solid character of Nanami Jianjin. The surface of the cream is finely printed with the icon of Nanami Kento.

Haibara male dark chocolate
Characteristics: A sweet made of bitter dark chocolate. You can enjoy the rich flavor that reflects the mysterious atmosphere of Male Haibara. The surface of the chocolate is beautifully printed with the male haibara icon.

Fushikuro Jinji Dark Biscuit
Characteristics: A dark cookie with a deep flavor. They are crunchy and bittersweet to express the strength and dark charm of Fushikuro Jingji. The icon of Fushikuro Jinji is carefully printed on the surface of the cookie.

Packaging and Design
Design: The character icons are reproduced with fine print technology, creating a beautiful design that is sure to tickle the fancy of fans.
This collection of dark-themed sweets offers a luxurious experience for "Jutsu Kaiten" fans, and is a delight to both look at and taste.

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