Ecology-shop Satani Folding Compact Universal Saw Carbon Steel Japan

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Folding saw, universal saw, newspaper cutting saw, compact, DIY, large trash demolition, metal, plastic, steel, carpet, wood, furniture, demolition, cleaning, 3-position adjustment, locking mechanism

A strong ally appears for dismantling large trash!

・By dismantling large trash, which is expensive to dispose of, you can put it out as regular trash and save money on your trash bill.
By dismantling large trash, you can dispose of it as regular trash and save money on trash.

・ It is possible to cut various materials such as steel, carpet, plastic, wood, etc.

・You can also use it to cut up things that you have been having a hard time disposing of.
Compact and small, it is very useful during the moving season.

☆The angle of the blade can be adjusted in 3 stages.

◎Product size: (approx.) 5.5 x 2.5 x 45.5 cm

When folded: (approx.) 5.5 x 2.5 x 25.5 cm

Blade length: (approx.) 19 cm

◎Materials: Carbon tool steel (65Mn). Steel. TPR (thermoplastic elastomer).

◎Weight: 245g

●Please handle and store with care as it is a cutting tool.
●Please wear safety gloves and goggles when using this product and be careful of injuries and accidents.
Fragments of cut materials and broken blades may fly off.
●Depending on the material and shape of the object to be cut, it may be difficult or impossible to cut the object.
Please avoid forcible cutting as it may cause breakage or injury.
●After use, be sure to wipe off any dirt or moisture and store in a well-ventilated place.
Dirt or moisture left on the blade may cause rust or discoloration.
When wiping off the blade, please be very careful not to injure yourself with the blade.
●Do not leave the product soaked in water or leave it in a humid place or outdoors.
●The blade is consumable.
It is not something that can be used permanently. Please be aware of this.
●Do not use this product if the tip of the blade is chipped or otherwise damaged.
●When not in use, be sure to fold the blade for storage and keep it out of the reach of children.
When not in use, be sure to fold the blade and store it in a place out of reach of children.
●Do not use this product for any purpose other than its original use.

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Material: Carbon tool steel (65Mn). Steel. TPR (thermoplastic elastomer).ABS resin(acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

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