GLAZED CLOCK Ceramic Clock Handmade Tajimi Gifu Japan

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Style: GLAZED CLOCK 1 (Ceramic)
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GLAZED CLOCK 1- Ceramic clock

GLAZED CLOCK is a gem of a clock with a simple round design, but packed within it is an attention to glazed color and texture. The clock is available in eight different colors, and because each piece is glazed by hand, even the same color has a different look and feel. As a result, no two pieces are exactly alike, and the unique value of each piece can be felt as only pottery can.

Durability: Resistant to water and fire, the tiles are highly durable and can be used for a long period of time.
Material beauty: The tile's vivid materiality and the wide range of colors and beautiful textures created by the glaze.
Traditional Japanese technique: Using Japanese tile-making techniques, the glaze is carefully applied by spraying rather than by ink-jetting. The glaze is then slowly fired in a kettle for at least one day, which gives the glaze its depth.
The charm of handmade work: Because of the time and effort that goes into making each piece, each piece has the warmth and beauty of a handmade product.
Touch and luster: The finished product is smooth to the touch and has a beautiful glossy surface.

Color Variations:
GLAZED CLOCK is available in eight different colors, each with a different glaze color and texture. Depending on the temperature difference and the way the glaze is applied, each clock has a different look and feel, making each clock unique.

Production Process:
Glaze spraying: Glaze is sprayed by hand, rather than using an ink-jet machine, to achieve a uniform yet distinctive finish.
Firing: The glaze is slowly fired in a cauldron for at least one day to give it depth. This process produces a finish that has a distinctive luster and feel to the touch.

GLAZED CLOCK reflects traditional Japanese techniques and aesthetics. Carefully crafted by hand, these products have a delicacy and beauty that is uniquely Japanese and can be incorporated into everyday life.

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