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Flora significantly influences one's overall health.
After brushing your pets' teeth, treat them to Zendaman.
Live beneficial bacteria protect the oral flora.

Wake up refreshed like never before!
Live oral probiotics protect the oral flora.
Specialized tablets for oral care.

Harnessing the power of live beneficial bacteria found in the mouths of the 2% of the world's population who are naturally immune to tooth decay, these tablets support a balanced oral flora.

As part of your oral hygiene routine, simply lick 2-3 tablets after meals or before bedtime. They come in a delicious vanilla flavor for easy consumption.

✔️ Recommended by oral care specialists, this supplement combines multiple oral probiotics to support the "oral flora". It is available in tablet form with a tasty vanilla flavor (made in Japan), suitable for children to seniors. Ideal for caring for teeth during orthodontic treatment when regular brushing is challenging.
✔️ Developed through the unique bacterial formulation technology called "biotank", which activates oral probiotics (K12 and M18 strains) discovered through research at the University of Otago in New Zealand. Out of 50 participants, 42 experienced noticeable differences in addressing concerns such as bad breath, plaque, and a refreshed feeling in the morning within just 5 days.
✔️ Instead of relying on sterilization with concerns of resistant bacteria, the focus is on increasing beneficial bacteria in the mouth. It can be safely used by anyone.
✔️ Probiotics help create an environment where beneficial bacteria thrive, promoting overall health and supporting the maintenance of overall well-being.
✔️ [Difference from external care] Concerns regarding conventional external care methods often revolve around superficial treatments. Probiotics offer a gentle approach by creating an environment that favors beneficial bacteria, enabling care from within the body.

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H16cm x W10cm x D0.8cm


Inulin (derived from chicory, manufactured in the Netherlands), erythritol, symbiotic fermentation product of lactic acid bacteria and yeast, oral beneficial bacteria (Streptococcus salivarius K12), oral beneficial bacteria (Streptococcus salivarius M18), crystalline cellulose, flavoring, calcium stearate

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