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The L-shaped zipper wallet is very simple
Put your bills and cards on the side and a few coins in the center.
I want to carry the minimum necessary.
A compact wallet that fits easily in a tiny bag or pocket.

*Aizome products are individually hand-dyed by hand tie-dyeing, so the indigo dye intensity and unevenness of the color may not be uniform.
Please note that they may differ from the photo.

【Leather Studio Third】

A leather workshop located in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture.
The store is run by leather craftsmen who are committed to each and every customer: "Never say we can't do it," "We will always impress you," and "Always be cool.
Fukuyama Leather" was born to let more people know about Fukuyama's commitment and quality.
The leather is dyed using "natural indigo," a dye used in Bingo Kasuri, a traditional craft in Fukuyama.
You can enjoy a denim-like texture and the leather's change over time at the same time.
The hand-dyed leather is characterized by its unique indigo color and its unevenness.
We are very particular about the material and how this product will look when you carry it. We have been producing not only designs but also pursuing "leather products that are really easy to use".
As a "leather concierge," we convey the joy of leather and provide new value to people's lifestyles. That is Third's mission.

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Cowhide Leather
Fukuyama Leather (Indigo Dye)

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