Maruchan MENZUKURI Tantanmen Instant Ramen Noodle 110g x 12 Packs Japan

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Non-fried cup noodles with the taste of fresh ramen noodles in a regular-priced cup.

【Noodles】Non-fried noodles with a smooth texture and supple firmness. The noodles weigh 65 grams and can be rehydrated for 5 minutes.

【Soup】This rich miso soup combines red and white miso paste with rich, cooked pork bone extract. The soup is made by combining red and white miso paste with pork bone extract for a rich, cooked taste, and the spiciness of soy sauce, sansho (Chinese pepper), and raayu (Chinese chili oil), as well as the richness of ground sesame seeds and ground sesame seeds. Sesame seeds and coarsely ground chili peppers are added.

【Kayaku】Chinese cabbage, seasoned minced chicken and green onion.
The soup is enhanced by the flavor of the miso-based "sesame paste" and "huajiaoyu" (Chinese pepper), and the noodles are made with non-fried, medium-thick noodles that are smooth and firm.

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