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Matcha Elegance: Nestle Kit Kat Mini Adult Sweetness Green Tea Flavor

Refined Matcha Indulgence: Nestle Kit Kat Mini takes on a sophisticated twist with the Adult Sweetness Green Tea Flavor, a matcha treat designed for the refined palate. This pack of 10 pieces combines the iconic Kit Kat crunch with the delicate, aromatic bitterness of green tea, offering a grown-up take on the beloved chocolate snack.

Cultivated Green Tea Charm: Each mini Kit Kat is a harmonious blend of creamy chocolate and authentic matcha flavor, sourced from the finest green tea leaves. The distinct 'adult sweetness' of this variety caters to those who prefer a less sugary taste, while still delivering the rich, full-bodied essence of matcha.

A Moment of Zen: Savor the serene pleasure of green tea in this unique Kit Kat iteration. It's a candy that invites you to take a break with its zen-like balance of flavors, providing a moment of calm and indulgence amidst the bustle of daily life. These matcha-flavored treats are an invitation to enjoy a touch of tranquility in every bite.

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