Nissin DONBEI Crunch Tempura Soba Instant Noodle 100g x 12 Packs Sakura Japan

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A Culinary Haiku in a Bowl

Discover the essence of Japanese culinary artistry with Nissin DONBEI Tempura Soba Instant Noodles. Each 100g pack is a poetic composition of taste and tradition, balancing the earthy soba's nutty whispers with the crispy delights of tempura. A dish that sings the songs of ancient Japan, these noodles promise an authentic experience that echoes the tranquility of a bamboo-shaded stream.

Crunchy Meets Comfort

Embrace the comfort of soba's wholesomeness and the satisfying crunch of tempura – all in the time it takes to boil water. Nissin DONBEI Tempura Soba is the perfect convergence of convenience and flavor, bringing together 12 packs of timeless Japanese cuisine that serve as your quick escape to the streets of Tokyo. Whether you're looking to fuel up during a busy day or unwind after a long one, this noodle dish stands ready to satisfy your cravings with ease and flair.

Tradition in Every Twirl

Nissin DONBEI Tempura Soba doesn't just fill your stomach; it fills your soul. Every twirl of noodles is steeped in tradition, each bite a testament to the harmony of flavors that have been loved for generations. With Nissin's commitment to quality, each pack promises a gastronomic journey through Japan's rich culinary landscape – a journey that's just a kettle away.

Nissin DONBEI Crunch Tempura Soba Instant Noodle 100g x 12 Packs Product Information

Manufacturer Name Nissin Foods Corporation
Brand name Nissin Donbei
Content (amount of noodles) 100g (noodles 72g) x 12 servings
Ingredients Fried noodles (wheat flour (produced in Japan), buckwheat flour, vegetable oil and fat, salt, vegetable protein, soy sauce, bonito powder, sugars), kayaku (tempura), soup (sugars, salt, bonito seasoning, soy sauce powder, fish meal (bonito, Soda Katsuo, sardine), onion seasoning, green onion, seven spice chili pepper, protein hydrolysate)/Processed starch, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), phosphate (Na), caramel color, Ca carbonate, flavor, acidifier, antioxidant (vitamin E), carotenoid color, safflower color, chia extract, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, (contains shrimp, wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk ingredients, sesame, mackerel, soybean)

Nutrition Facts [per serving (100g)

 Noodles and ingredients
Protein  9.9g
Lipids  24.3g
Carbohydrate  57.2g
Salt Equivalent
 Noodles and ingredients
Vitamin B1  0.28mg
Vitamin B2  0.29mg
Calcium  145mg

Ingredient names and nutritional information for this product listed may differ from what is listed on the product package.
Please check the label on your product package before consuming.

Allergen information

Wheat, buckwheat, eggs, milk ingredients, shrimp, mackerel, soybeans, sesame

  • Due to changes in the ingredients used, allergen information on the website may differ from that on the product package.
  • Please check the allergen information on the label on your product package before consuming.
  • Allergen information is provided for a total of 28 items: 7 specified raw materials required by food labeling standards and 21 items for which labeling is recommended.


  • Store at room temperature away from strong odors and direct sunlight.
  • Please be careful of burns.
  • Microwave cooking is not allowed.
  • Do not add any cooking fat other than that supplied. Doing so may cause the cup to deteriorate or break.

How to eat Nissin Donbei Tempura Soba

  1. Peel off the lid of the cup of noodles halfway and remove all the sachets.
  2. Boil water (approximate volume 420 ml).
  3. Put the powdered soup in first and pour boiling water up to the inner line.
  4. After 3 minutes with the lid on, stir gently and top with tempura.
  5. Finally, the dish is finished with a dash of shichimi (seven spices).
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