Sakurai Lacquerware Meoto Donwan with Hakeme Finish Made in JAPAN

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Introducing Sakurai Lacquerware's "Meoto Donwan" - a masterpiece blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Each Meoto Donwan is meticulously crafted using a technique called "hakeme," where lacquer is applied with a brush, intentionally leaving brush marks. This method not only adds depth to the lacquer but also exudes a strong artisanal touch. The visible brush marks create a warm, unique texture, embodying the charm of handmade craftsmanship.

**Key Features**

- **Hakeme Lacquering:** The distinctive hakeme technique involves brushing lacquer to intentionally reveal brush strokes, ensuring a rich, durable finish that speaks to its meticulous craftsmanship.
- **Versatility:** Designed for diverse uses, this bowl is suitable not only for daily dining but also for special occasions, offering exceptional practicality and charm.

- **Rare Design:** The deliberate retention of brush marks represents a rare, artisanal approach that sets it apart, showcasing the heartfelt dedication and skill of its creators.

**Cultural Background**

Sakurai Lacquerware boasts over 250 years of heritage in Japan's lacquerware culture, blending tradition with modern living. The Meoto Donwan enhances familial and marital bonds, cherished as an item that deepens connections over meals and celebrations.

Sakurai Lacquerware's "Meoto Donwan" with hakeme lacquer embodies the artisan's skill and spirit, bringing warmth and elegance to your table daily. This special bowl is also a popular choice as a thoughtful gift, perfect for conveying care and appreciation to loved ones.

Product Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): Diameter 14cm x Height 8.5cm
Product Weight: 600g
Material: Wood, Lacquer


About Sakurai Lacquerware

History and Background

Sakurai Lacquerware is a traditional lacquerware manufacturer with a history spanning 250-260 years. Historical records from Bunsei 11 (1828) mention that Tsukihara Monzaemon and seven other artisans were producing lacquerware. The high quality of Sakurai Lacquerware is evidenced by its use by the Emperor and Empress during the Heisei era.

Diverse Origins

The origins of Sakurai Lacquerware can be traced back to merchants who brought craftsmen from Japan's renowned lacquerware regions, including Wajima in Ishikawa Prefecture (Wajima-nuri), Yamanaka in Ishikawa Prefecture (Yamanaka-nuri), Echizen in Fukui Prefecture (Echizen-nuri), Aizu in Fukushima Prefecture (Aizu-nuri), and Kishu in Wakayama Prefecture (Kishu-nuri), to the Sakurai area to start making lacquerware.

Features and Design

Quality: Sakurai Lacquerware is committed to providing high-quality lacquerware. A small number of highly skilled artisans carefully craft each piece.
Materials: Sakurai Lacquerware employs techniques to apply lacquer to various materials, including leather and glass, creating new value beyond traditional lacquerware.
Design and Usability: The company focuses on creating products that meet customer needs, emphasizing design and usability.

Value and Rarity

The products of Sakurai Lacquerware are highly valued and rare, as only a small number of craftsmen are involved in their production today. This rarity suggests that their value will continue to increase in the future.

Historical Records

Historical records from Bunsei 11 (1828) mention that Tsukihara Monzaemon and seven other artisans were producing lacquerware.

Sakurai Lacquerware combines its rich roots and traditions with products that meet modern needs.

Iyo Sakurai Lacquerware Kaikan Co., Ltd.
Address: 340-1 Nagasawa Ko, Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan

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