Sawai Coffee Drip Coffee Specialty Store Drip Bag Set 8g x 150 Packs Sakura Japan

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Brand: Sawai Coffee
Product shape: Drip coffee
Flavor: 3 types assorted
Package information: bag
Number of units: 150 bags
Number of products: 150
Product weight: 8g
Quantity: 150
Package weight: 2.07kg
Caffeine content unit: caffeinated

[Contents] 50 bags of Bitter Blend, 50 bags of Light Blend, 50 bags of Light, total 150 bags [Expiration date] 1 year from the date of manufacture
Light blend 8g〈Scent★★★〉〈Umami★★★〉〈Bitterness★★★★〉〈Sour★〉
Mild Blend 8g 〈Scent★★★〉〈Umami★★★〉〈Bitterness★★〉〈Sour★★★〉
Bitter Blend 8g 〈Scent★★★★〉〈Umami★★★〉〈Bitterness★★★★〉〈Sour★★〉
Each cup is filled with freshly made ``Yakita'' from a specialty store. Our proud drip bag coffee is made with a focus on freshness.

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