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TerraPet Bed Covers, Rectangular and Round Shapes
TerraPet Bed Covers are far-infrared bed covers designed for the health and comfort of your pet. Below are the features and benefits of each of the square and round shapes.

Rectangular Terra Pet Bed Cover
Design: The square design provides a spacious area where pets can freely stretch out and lie down.

Functionality: Far-infrared radiation warms the pet's body and promotes blood circulation, helping to relieve pain and relax muscles.
Material: The use of skin-friendly material is safe for use on sensitive pet skin.
Ease of use: Easily attaches to existing beds as a cover and is easy to clean on a daily basis.

Round Terra Pet Bed Cover
Design: The round design is ideal for pets to curl up and sleep, providing a sense of security.

Functionality: Like the square shape, the far-infrared ray effect supports your pet's health and provides a comfortable sleeping environment.
Materials: Skin-friendly materials are used to ensure that the bed is gentle on your pet's skin and comfortable for your pet.
Ease of use: Designed to fit round-shaped beds for easy installation.
Common features of TerraPet bed covers

Far-infrared ray effect: The far-infrared ray cover is used in orthopedic and osteopathic clinics to maximize health benefits.
Health promotion: Effective in increasing appetite and promoting sleep in older pets, and also helps alleviate tremors.
Durability: Made with high-quality materials and reliable technology, the effect lasts even after long-term use.

F,s wish Terra Pet Bed Cover is designed to support the health and comfort of your pet. This is a must-try item for families with pets.

About Us

Healthy pet items using far-infrared radiation

We are a technology company that manufactures and sells medical equipment in Nagano Prefecture, famous for Zenkoji Temple and other places.
Our far-infrared health pet items were developed in pursuit of the health and happiness of pets. A Japanese company with solid technology that originally manufactured and sold medical equipment has created these products for dogs and cats through trial and error and various studies. The product is extremely effective and has been well received by many pet owners.

Pets using this product can expect the following effects

Alleviation of tremors: Many people have reported that their dogs stopped trembling.
Increases appetite: Helps improve the appetite and health of aging dogs and cats.
Sleep promotion: Pets will naturally get on and fall asleep quickly, providing a comfortable sleeping environment.
Our thermal therapy devices employ far-infrared covers, similar to those used by orthopedic surgeons and osteopathic clinics. The use of infrared rays enhances the therapeutic effect and is very effective in relieving pain. Another proof of our trust is the large number of repair requests we receive and the fact that many of our customers want to continue using our products even after repairs are made.

This product is made with concentrated Japanese technology and with the health and well-being of pets as our first priority. We specialize in making things that come in contact with the skin, and we are confident in our technology and efficacy. Usage is simple as a cushion or other sheet. Our goal is to please households with pets. Please try our far-infrared health pet items developed with the hope that your pet will live as long as possible.

This is the perfect item to help you and your pet live a healthy and happy life together. Purchase now and make a big difference in your pet's life!

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