SUGY Ceramaic Tile 120 Sheets BENT/SUNT/LOSKA Tajimi Gifu Japan

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Style: BENT
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1. BENT Tile

BENT tiles are designed with the New York-born subway tile in mind. These tiles are made to create a traditional feel and are perfect for classic interior styles.

Design: Simple and sophisticated, inspired by the New York subway system.
Uses: Can be used on walls, kitchen back panels, bathrooms, and many other locations.
Atmosphere: Provides a traditional, relaxed atmosphere and blends easily into any space.

2. SUNT tile

SUNT tile is a subway tile that allows you to enjoy the original taste of pottery, where the color range is produced by the characteristics of the glaze. The natural color variation provides a beautiful finish.

Characteristics: SUNT tiles are available in a wide range of colors.
Color range: Each piece has a different hue due to the characteristics of the glaze, allowing for a rich expression.
Texture: The warmth and depth of texture that only pottery can provide.
Uses: Versatile for walls, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.


Description: Loska is a Finnish word.
Loska means "melting snow" in Finnish. This tile features a beautifully shining design with a solitary bright glaze.

Features: Tile
Design: The design is reminiscent of melting snow, with beautifully shining dots of glaze.
Glaze: The use of a bright glaze gives it an attractive texture that glistens in the light.
Uses: The high design quality makes it ideal for accent walls and decorative applications.

Common features
High durability: All tiles are highly durable and retain their beauty over a long period of time.

Beautiful Finish: The use of glazes gives the tiles deep colors and a beautiful luster.
Japanese technology: The use of traditional Japanese tile-making techniques results in a high quality product.

Each of these tiles has its own unique design and characteristics and can be used in a variety of interior styles. Each tile offers high durability and a beautiful finish, and can add character and charm to any space.

About Us

This is an introduction about a brand created by a tile manufacturer in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture. The brand was established to address the current situation where the use of tiles is decreasing year by year, despite their excellent durability and design characteristics.

Purpose of the brand
The purpose of the brand is to promote the advantages of tiles to those who are not familiar with them. To achieve this, we make ceramic products in the form of sundries that are easy to incorporate into daily life.

Characteristics of our products
Durability: Tiles are extremely durable and can be used for a long time.
Design: The tiles are well-designed and match a variety of interior styles.
Practicality: The shapes and designs are easy to use in daily life, providing products that can be easily incorporated into everyday life.
In this way, we are expanding new possibilities for tiles by offering the appeal of traditional tiles in a form that suits modern lifestyles.

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