UCC Artisan Coffee Drip Coffee Sweet Scented Rich Blend Japan 7g 16 Packs x 12 Box

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Savor the refined flavors of Japan with UCC's Artisan Coffee Drip Coffee packets. Each carefully crafted packet contains 7 grams of a sweet-scented, rich blend, perfect for starting your day with a smooth and aromatic cup of coffee.

Product Details:

  • Brand: UCC (Ueshima Coffee Co.)
  • Type: Drip Coffee
  • Variety: Sweet Scented Rich Blend
  • Origin: Japan
  • Weight: 7g per packet
  • Packaging: Each box contains 16 individual drip coffee packets, ensuring freshness and quality in every cup.
  • Box Quantity: 12 boxes, making it ideal for stocking up your pantry or for serving in a café or office environment.

Brewing Experience:

The convenience of UCC Drip Coffee packets allows coffee enthusiasts and busy professionals alike to enjoy a barista-level experience wherever they are. Simply place the drip bag in your cup, pour hot water, and let it steep to your desired strength. In minutes, you'll enjoy a cup of coffee with a rich aroma and deep flavor that UCC's Artisan Coffee is celebrated for.

Perfect For:

  • Home use for a quick and satisfying coffee experience.
  • Office settings where quality coffee is appreciated.
  • Gifting to coffee lovers who relish in exploring international blends.
  • Retail for those who want to provide a broad range of coffee experiences to their customers.

With UCC's commitment to quality and taste, each sip promises to be as delightful as the last. Experience the harmony of expertly selected coffee beans with UCC Artisan Coffee Drip

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