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Dried persimmons hold a significant place in the rural landscapes of Japan during autumn. This product embodies the essence of sliced dried persimmons, drawing inspiration from the traditional tea snack known as "kaki-maki," originating from persimmon-rich regions like Okayama Prefecture.

Beyond simply relishing the natural sweetness of dried persimmons, this treat boasts a wealth of nutrients including dietary fiber, tannins, and potassium.

Its versatility extends to various culinary contexts, enhancing both alcoholic and dairy-based dishes, thereby offering a novel experience with Japanese dried fruit. For instance, it pairs wonderfully with sparkling or white wine as an appetizer before dinner, or it can be enjoyed alongside a dessert wine with an exceptionally sweet profile.

Yama Kaki An (Mountain Persimmon) is a traditional Japanese confectionery manufactured and sold by Kuniwa Sangyo Co., Ltd.., which has been striving for innovation and continuous improvement since its establishment.

This confectionery is made using traditional methods, incorporating the luxurious use of persimmons, a symbolic fruit of Japan, to create a delicious treat that evokes the essence of Japanese culture. It is an ideal choice for those seeking the taste of tradition or looking for a special gift. We invite you to enjoy the taste of Japan, even overseas.

Yama Kaki An's dried persimmons are meticulously crafted by hand, using fresh, high-quality persimmons to maximize the individual deliciousness and ensure a luxurious culinary experience. Each piece encapsulates the refined taste of Japanese seasons, offering an exquisite taste of Japanese tradition. With carefully selected premium persimmons, this confectionery captures the fresh, succulent essence of the fruit, serving as the foundation of a flavorful treat.


Crafted with artisanal care and attention to detail, Yama Kaki An embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and technology, bringing out the natural sweetness of persimmons without the use of any additives. Its natural sweetness and flavor encapsulate the essence of Japan's seasons, unfolding flavors reminiscent of spring's fresh greenery and autumn's vibrant foliage.

While Yama Kaki An is delicious on its own, it pairs wonderfully with coffee or tea. It can also be enjoyed as a dessert alongside seasonal fruits. As Yama Kaki An uses natural ingredients, there may be slight variations in shape and size among products. We recommend storing it in a cool, dark place and consuming it promptly after opening.

Furthermore, Kuniwa Sangyo Co., Ltd. specializes in persimmon product manufacturing, earning the reputation of being the go-to for all things persimmon-related. Persimmons are notoriously difficult to handle, as they cannot undergo heat treatment, are prone to discoloration, and have a short shelf life. However, leveraging proprietary manufacturing technology patented domestically and internationally, Kuniwa Sangyo Co., Ltd. has successfully extended the shelf life while preserving the authentic flavor of persimmons. Since 2001, we have been producing and selling bite-sized dried persimmon snacks under the brand name "Yama Kaki."


The Yama Kaki 6-piece set is also an excellent choice for gifting. It's perfect for introducing foreign friends or family to the traditional flavors of Japan. Additionally, it makes a thoughtful gift for expressing gratitude or celebrating special occasions. It's sure to be appreciated as part of experiencing Japanese culinary culture. Packaged beautifully, it's an ideal way to convey appreciation or celebrate with loved ones. 

Product Features

This is a confection made by slicing dried persimmons and wrapping them around dried persimmon pieces. It is a traditional tea snack called "Kaki-maki" that has been individually packaged. In addition to enjoying the natural flavor of dried persimmons, you can also benefit from the rich nutrients such as tannins, potassium, and dietary fiber found in dried persimmons.

This is a set of 6 boxes of dried persimmons, a confection made by slicing dried persimmons and wrapping them around traditional tea snacks called "Kakimaki," individually packaged. These dried persimmon sweets, known as "Yamagaki," are not only perfect for enjoying with tea but also pair well with dry white wine, plum wine, and Japanese sake.


Usage Scene (Usage Methods, Recommended Recipes, etc.)

Dried persimmons can be enjoyed as a tea snack and also pair well with dairy products (butter, cheese) and alcoholic beverages (white wine, Japanese sake, plum wine). They have also been valued as an ingredient in traditional New Year's dishes (osechi). Packaged in easy-to-eat bite-sized portions, they are also recommended as gifts.

Exploring the Rich Tradition and Versatility of Japanese Persimmons

In Japan, there are records of persimmons being consumed since the Heian period, and the sweetness of dried persimmons is said to have laid the foundation for Japanese confectionery. Additionally, persimmons have been celebrated as a symbol of autumn and are often featured in haiku poetry.

Persimmons require specific temperature conditions for growth and are only produced in some countries like China and Korea besides Japan. 'Kaki-maki,' which is dried persimmons wrapped around themselves, is still made in northern Kyushu and Okayama Prefecture. However, due to the effects of global warming, producers have decreased as it has become easier for mold to grow on persimmons dried naturally in the environment. Japanese astringent persimmons, the raw material for 'kaki-maki,' often have a stronger sweetness compared to those from other countries due to careful cultivation in orchards, making them a versatile ingredient for new sweets such as pairing well with butter or white wine. Although they may be more expensive compared to other dried fruits, they are worth tasting as a special ingredient.

Ingredients and Additives/ Origin
Dried persimmons : Japan
Powder Oblate : Japan
Trehalose  : Japan
Antioxidants (sulfur dioxide)  : Japan
* Sulfur fumigation is used in the process of making dried persimmons.
No components are detected.

Nutritional Information (Per 100g)
Energy  : 250 kcal
Protein  : 1.7 g
Fat  : 0.2 g
Carbohydrate  : 66.3 g
Sugar  : 47.5 g
Salt equivalent :  5 mg
Saturated fatty acids :  0
Trans fatty acids  : 0

Shelf Life : 90 days at room temperature
Permits and licenses: JFS-B
Package Material: Paper, PE
Package Size: W14.0 x L12.0 x  H2.6cm /  6packs
Case Size/Weight : W26.0 x L20.5 x  H13.5cm /  1.1kg

About US
Kuniwa Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Name of Representative : Tomokuni Masaaki

CEO's Message

We are a confectionery manufacturer specializing in the processing of dried persimmons. With regard to 'Dried Persimmon Processed Confectionery,' we boast the largest processing and sales volumes domestically as a standalone company. In addition to entering the persimmon agriculture industry, we have also established a new dried persimmon processing factory. From agricultural products to processed goods, you can rely on us for everything related to persimmons.

Quality Control Information
Product inspections : Metal detector
Initiatives for Hygiene Management : JFS-B

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The product arrived safely!

I received the Yama persimmon. I enjoyed it immediately. I think they are completely different from the dried persimmons I have had in the past. They were very tasty.

My mother likes dried persimmons

My mother likes dried persimmons, and since it is this time of year, I decided to send her some Yama persimmons. I think she will be pleased.

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