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Ocean's Aroma: Honda Ebi no Hana (Shrimp Flower)

Delicate Shrimp, Crispy Perfection: Unveil the essence of the ocean with Honda Ebi no Hana, a seafood snack that captures the delicate flavor of shrimp in a light, crispy texture. Each package contains 16 pieces, each artfully crafted into a flower shape, providing not only a taste sensation but also a visual feast.

Savor the Sea Breeze: These shrimp snacks are a culinary embodiment of the sea, delivering a fresh, briny zest that seafood aficionados will cherish. Honda Ebi no Hana offers a unique snacking experience that brings the sophisticated flavors of seafood to your fingertips.

A Snack Unlike Any Other: With its distinctive shape and gourmet taste, Honda Ebi no Hana stands out from the ordinary. It's an ideal choice for those seeking a snack that's both flavorful and novel. Perfect for parties, as a special treat, or whenever you crave a taste of the sea.

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