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Please note that it will take approximately one month from the time we receive your order to completion, so we kindly ask for your understanding in advance.

Artful Room Illumination - Truly Good Art Never Fades, Always Complements You - Words that Resonate with the Heart - Japanese Essence, Japanese Spirit - Easily Read Japanese Text

** Product Description **

・Japanese Calligraphy Artwork "Magic" (by Seimei Kiyosumi, Brand New)

The works of Japanese calligrapher Seimei Kiyosumi (1970~) go beyond traditional calligraphy expression. They are written in easily understandable modern Japanese, elevating them to contemporary art that feels approachable. This uniqueness adds tremendous value to his art.

As a result, it can complement various settings, whether it's a chic and luxurious urban interior, a refined and elegant classical interior, a simple everyday space, or a child's room. Whether displayed in a special space for welcoming guests or in your everyday surroundings, it will become a captivating interior piece.

** Inscribed Words **

"Magic, you see, resides in the hearts of people." (魔法はね、人の心の中にあるんだよ)
These words were spoken by the late world-renowned Japanese fashion designer and event producer, Kansai Yamamoto (1944~2020). The inscription is in Japanese.

** Features of Japanese Calligraphy **

Japanese calligraphy is a unique art form that expresses the universe with just one brushstroke. Each stroke is infused with the skills of the calligrapher.

Although a stroke appears two-dimensional, it can be made to feel three-dimensional through skill and practice. Each Japanese character has a specific stroke order, and even when writing long passages, calligraphers write them in one continuous stroke without retracing their steps.

This means that everything a calligrapher does while writing is reflected on the paper as brushwork, making the ability to capture the moment crucial.

Additionally, Japanese calligraphy emphasizes the concept of "mu" or nothingness, finding meaning and presence in the empty spaces around the characters.

The dynamic, vibrant lines of the brush (black ink) enhance the "emptiness" (white) to create a harmonious composition of "black" and "white" on a single page, symbolizing coexistence and harmony within a world.

We are confident that Seimei Kiyosumi's calligraphy artwork excels in all these aspects.

In January 2024, the Japanese government made a decision to include Japanese calligraphy in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The prospect of Japanese calligraphy being inscribed on UNESCO's list has increased, and it could happen as early as 2026 or within a few years at the latest.

This means that Japanese calligraphy will no longer be recognized solely as an art form in Japan, but will also be acknowledged as one of the representative art forms of our country worldwide in the near future.

** About the Artwork **

Tools used in its creation: Brush, ink, paper (all made in Japan)

This calligraphy artwork is a brand-new print created using the giclée method. Giclée is a high-definition printing technique used in art galleries and museums, known for its precision and quality that can be easily mistaken for an original piece.

Each piece bears the stamp of “Kiyosumi Seimei," representing traditional Japanese aesthetic values. Additionally, genuine gold leaf is scattered across the artwork's paper, enhancing its opulence.

Due to the manual process, there may be slight variations in the placement and amount of gold leaf on each piece. We appreciate your understanding regarding this matter.

For those who wish to purchase calligraphy artworks but prefer to prepare their own frames, we also offer the option to purchase the artwork paper only.

** About the Frame **

The calligraphy work in the center floats 1 cm above its surroundings on a golden stand, creating a three-dimensional structure.

The frame is brand-new, and all manufacturing is done by Japanese craftsmen with the highest level of skill, precision, and finesse. The carving of the "frame" is delicate and beautifully finished.

Due to the attention to detail and the complexity of the manufacturing process, it takes about one month from the time an order is received to complete the frames.

There are several ways to mount works of art, but most calligraphy works are mounted on frames or hanging scrolls. 

Unlike hanging scrolls, frames are easy to clean, requiring only a light dusting whenever you notice them. However, this is not the case with kakejiku. If a hanging scroll is bent or damaged in any way, it is difficult to restore it to its original state, except by remaking it. Kakejiku are delicate because they are made mainly of cloth and paper, and they must be handled with great care because of the wind, human contact, etc. In contrast, frames are easy to handle. In this respect, frames can be easily handled.

*When viewing products on the web, colors may look slightly different from the actual product depending on the device used. 

*If the number of orders reaches a limited number, there is a possibility that the "frame" of the frame will be changed to a similar product.

** How to Display the Frame **

To prevent deterioration and fading of the calligraphy artwork and frame, display it in an indoor space away from direct sunlight.

The back of the artwork is equipped with a hanging cord. If you have a picture rail, you can hang it using wire, ensuring it can bear the weight. If you choose to lean it against a wall, please be cautious as it may tip over. Consider using anti-slip sheets at the bottom for added stability.

** Product Size & Weight **

Frame: Height 73cm x Width 63cm x Depth 7cm, Total Weight 5.0kg
Calligraphy Art Paper: Height 46cm × Width 35.5cm, Weight: Several grams

* If orders reach a limited quantity, there may be frame "border" substitutions. In such cases, the frame's width may change slightly (a few centimeters), resulting in a different product size.

** Main Frame Materials **

Paper, Fabric, Wood, Cord, UV-Cut Acrylic

* The UV-Cut acrylic used in this frame reduces the transmission of ultraviolet rays emitted by indoor lighting.

** Packaging **

The product will be carefully packaged in the following order:
Frame Artwork < Cloth Bag (Yellow cotton material) < Frame Artwork Exclusive Box < Shipping Protective Cardboard.

** About Japanese Calligrapher Seimei Kiyosumi **

Seimei Kiyosumi (1970~) is a Japanese calligrapher with over five decades of experience, starting his journey at the age of six. He is dedicated to creating high-quality art, producing contemporary, approachable, and refined Japanese calligraphy.

Seimei Kiyosumi studied calligraphy at a university in Japan, gaining extensive knowledge in the field. After completing his graduate studies, he worked at one of Japan's top universities, the University of Tokyo. For 23 years, he engaged in three main activities: 1) researching ancient Japanese documents, 2) creating hand-copied reproductions of these documents using brushes, ink, and paper, and 3) teaching university students. He has not only pursued research and artistic endeavors but has also been an educator.

Simultaneously, Seimei Kiyosumi has been participating in calligraphy competitions since his student days and has received numerous awards. In his twenties, he won the highest prize at one of Japan's leading calligraphy exhibitions, becoming the youngest recipient of this prestigious award in history. Recently, he was awarded the "Special Jury Prize" at the 2023 "Golden Art Competition in YOKOHAMA."

Today, Seimei Kiyosumi is dedicated to creating art that conveys the sense of beauty, culture, tradition, and craftsmanship that Japanese people hold dear, sharing it with people worldwide who are drawn to Japan and hold respect for cultures beyond their own.

Furthermore, Seimei Kiyosumi donated a calligraphy frame to Aomori Hospital, one of Japan's national hospitals, in April 2023. On this calligraphy frame, he wrote the 'philosophy' of Aomori Hospital.

Aomori Hospital Philosophy:
For those who are ill, tranquility
For those who are healthy, happiness

With the aim of expressing the hospital's noble philosophy in a dignified manner through calligraphy, meticulous attention was given to ensuring harmony between the calligraphy artwork and the frame, down to the finest details.

Aomori Hospital Public Relations No.229
Aomori Hospital Public Relations No.229
Donation Receipts
Donation Receipts

The hospital staff greatly appreciated this donation, and the calligraphy frame was displayed in the auditorium where various events and activities both within and outside the hospital are held.Seimei Kiyosumi was deeply thankful, and the hospital's PR magazine featured the following statement:

"Having it installed in the auditorium, where many people come and go, is highly meaningful. Every time the staff sees this calligraphy frame, we believe it will deeply reflect on the hospital's philosophy and renew our commitment to our duties."

Seimei Kiyosumi actively engages in such donations and contributions, receiving gratitude from many people. He also participates in activities where he can utilize his skills to benefit society.

Seimei Kiyosumi believes that his calligraphy artwork becomes a "light" that brightens your interior space. We invite you to illuminate your cherished spaces with Seimei Kiyosumi's artistic "light."
Thank you for reading to the end.

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Paper, cloth, wood, UV-cut acrylic

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