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Orchard Freshness: MORINAGA Hi-Chew Pear Flavor

Juicy Pear in Every Chew: MORINAGA Hi-Chew Pear Flavor is a luscious candy creation that encapsulates the fresh, juicy essence of ripe pears. With 12 pieces in each pack, these chews offer a burst of refreshing fruitiness, delivering the experience of biting into a succulent pear with a delightful, long-lasting chew.

A Sweet, Orchard-Inspired Treat: The pear flavor of Hi-Chew is crafted to perfection, capturing the delicate balance of sweet and tangy notes characteristic of the beloved fruit. MORINAGA's expertise in candy-making shines through with a texture that's irresistibly chewy and flavors that are authentically fresh.

The Joy of Fruit-Flavored Chew: Hi-Chew candies are renowned for their true-to-life fruit flavors and enjoyable texture. The Pear Flavor variety continues this tradition, offering a sweet escape that's as enjoyable for its taste as it is for the joyful experience it brings. It's a candy that invites you to savor the flavor of pear in a new and exciting way.

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