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Oceanic Feast: Nissin BIG Cup Noodle Seafood

Vast Seafood Variety: Nissin BIG Cup Noodle Seafood is a large-size instant ramen that brings the treasures of the sea to your table. Immerse yourself in a deep dive of flavors with a rich, seafood broth brimming with the essence of oceanic delights. Each cup is a bountiful catch, offering a quick yet expansive taste of Japan's coastal cuisine.

Instantly Sublime Seafood Experience: This Japanese instant ramen is not just big in size; it's colossal in flavor. Savor the blend of succulent seafood tastes that Nissin has masterfully combined in a convenient, ready-to-enjoy cup. From tender pieces of seafood to the savory soup, it's a full meal experience that satisfies with every spoonful.

Larger Than Life Ramen Adventure: The BIG Cup Noodle Seafood is your ticket to an adventurous eating experience. It's perfect for those moments when you crave the satisfaction of a hearty meal without the wait. Whether you're on a break, in between meetings, or lounging at home, this large-size cup delivers the delicious complexity of a seafood feast, instantly.

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