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The 'AXXZIA BEAUTY EYES' series is now available on j-Grab Mall!

AXXZIA, the trending Made in Japan cosmetic brand, has been making waves on Asian social media platforms. Now, j-Grab Mall is proud to introduce the world to the 'AXXZIA BEAUTY EYES' series, offering premium care akin to esthetic standards!

What is AXXZIA?

AXXZIA is a luxury cosmetics brand Made in Japan, born from the desire to share the beauty of Asia with the world. It has gained popularity, primarily in Asian countries, including China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore, thanks to its recognition on Chinese social media platforms.

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In Japan, AXXZIA has 5 directly operated stores in Tokyo and Osaka, and a total of 26 stores nationwide. Internationally, they have physical stores in China, Hong Kong, and South Korea, as well as an online presence. They have also expanded their online shop to countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, and Russia.

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According to AXXZIA's research, despite 68.2% of people having concerns about their eye area, a surprising 63.6% of individuals do not practice daily eye care.

The delicate and thin skin around the eyes is susceptible to issues like loss of firmness, dryness, and dullness, often exacerbated by fatigue, stress, and the effects of aging. With the premium care offered by the 'AXXZIA BEAUTY EYES' series, you can address these concerns effectively and enjoy esthetic salon-level care for your eyes!

Experience premium-level eye care with the AXXZIA BEAUTY EYES series.

The AXXZIA Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Premium features AXXZIA's uniquely developed ultra-thin sheet with a thickness of only 0.3mm, designed to adhere closely from the upper eyelid to the triangular zone of the cheeks. It contains supporting ingredients that target various concerns around the eye area, providing delicate moisture and firmness for the eyes.



AXXZIA Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Premium


The AXXZIA Beauty Eyes Routine Care Cream Premium acts like a magnet, drawing moisture in and sealing it with a protective hydration veil. It helps maintain suppleness around the eyes, ensuring lasting radiance and firmness. It's the perfect cream to complete your eye care routine.


Beauty Eyes Routine Care Cream Premium


The AXXZIA Beauty Eyes Routine Care Essence Premium contains two types of retinol (palmitic acid retinol and encapsulated retinol), essential beauty ingredients that provide the necessary firmness for delicate eye areas. It balances skin conditions, delivering a luxurious, bouncy texture and resilience that will make you fall in love with your reflection every time you look in the mirror.

Beauty Eyes Routine Care Essence Premium

It's often said that the first impression we make when meeting someone is determined by our 'eyes.' Whether it's the intense summer sun, the dry, cold winds of winter, or the effects of stress and aging, our eye area is susceptible to damage. Let's revive a striking, radiant firmness and vitality.

With the 'AXXZIA BEAUTY EYES' series, make aging care a part of your daily routine. At the end of each day, it provides a healthy and glamorous 'beauty' for a bright tomorrow.


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