j-Grab Mall Showroom Store Premieres at U.S. JAPAN HOUSE L.A. on September 14th!

j-Grab Mall, the cross-border e-commerce marketplace operated by j-Grab Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Akihiko Yamada), specializing in one-stop support for cross-border e-commerce, proudly announced the launch of its Showroom Store at JAPAN HOUSE L.A. in Los Angeles, California, from September 14th to 17th.
This initiative is part of j-Grab's collaboration with the city of Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, under the "Cross-Border E-Commerce Support Services Contract" initiated in 2022. At the JAPAN HOUSE L.A. Showroom Store, products from participating businesses under the "Cross-Border E-Commerce Promotion Program" of Kawasaki City were showcased and made available for sale. The event saw a remarkable turnout of visitors, marking a resounding success.


Showcasing and Selling Outstanding Products from Kawasaki City Available on 'j-Grab Mall,' Alongside B2B Business Negotiations

In this endeavor, j-Grab has initiated test sales of products from participating businesses (small and medium-sized enterprises within Kawasaki City) selected through Kanagawa Prefecture's public offering for the 'Cross-Border E-Commerce Promotion Program.' These products are available for purchase on j-Grab's cross-border e-commerce marketplace, 'j-Grab Mall,' and are also currently showcased and sold in two permanent showrooms, including the JTB Rurubu Gift Shop at Singapore Takashimaya S.C. and AEON MALL PLUS at AEON Mall Meanchey in Cambodia.

Furthermore, we are delighted to announce the successful realization of the third international showroom test marketing event under the 'Cross-Border E-Commerce Promotion Program,' held at JAPAN HOUSE L.A. in Los Angeles, United States.


Product display at JAPAN HOUSE L.A. (photo by J-Grab staff)

JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles, the venue for this event, is one of the outreach facilities established as part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan's efforts to strengthen strategic international communication. Its purpose is to convey Japan's diverse appeal, policies, and initiatives to a wide audience, expanding the base of Japan enthusiasts and Japan-knowledgeable individuals.

JAPAN HOUSE has established bases not only in Los Angeles but also in São Paulo and London, as per information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Overseas Public Relations' initiative.


JAPAN HOUSE L.A., the showroom venue (photo by J-Grab staff)

The showroom store ran for four days, from Thursday, September 14th, to Sunday, September 17th, and it attracted numerous buyers and purchasers right from the first day. The event was a resounding success, with many visitors actually making on-the-spot purchases using QR codes.

We received feedback from visitors expressing their appreciation for the opportunity to physically interact with products that they had previously only seen on the online shop. They remarked on the tangible quality of the items, with comments such as, 'I could truly sense the product's high quality when I touched it,' and 'Every product had a unique visual appeal, and scanning the QR codes to access detailed information revealed a wealth of intriguing ideas for each one.’

Visitors actually take the products in their hands or scan the QR codes with their smartphones.

The 'j-Grab Mall' Showroom Store test marketing, facilitated through Kawasaki City's 'Cross-Border E-Commerce Promotion Program,' is set to continue its expansion with upcoming events planned in London and Singapore.


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