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The Origin of The Magic Bottle (Thermos)
The Magic Bottle (thermos flask) is a container that has a double-layered structure with an inner and outer bottle, and a vacuum between them to prevent heat transfer and keep the container warm or cold for a long period of time.

The Origin of The Magic Bottle (Thermos)
Such containers are called “Magic Bottle” in Japan.
It is also a portable water bottle or stationary pot that can be used conveniently in a wide range of situations, including daily life, commuting to work or school, and outdoor activities.
There are also products on the market that apply the structure of the Magic Bottle (thermos) to mugs to keep them hot and cold for easy use at home.
In English, the Magic Bottle is often referred to as Thermos.

The history is surprisingly old. The principle was invented in Europe, and the thermos flasks that were subsequently commercialized were imported to Japan from Germany in 1911 A.D. (Meiji 44).


From Birth to Mass Production of Thermos Flasks In Osaka
Since that time, major manufacturers of medium-sized bottles and other components have been concentrated in Osaka, and the city has flourished as a typical Osaka local industry.

The number of establishments and value of shipments both rank first in Japan, and most of Japan's thermos flask manufacturers are based in Osaka Prefecture.

National Magic Bottle Industrial OrganizationSource:National Magic Bottle Industrial Organization

Thermos flask production continued in Japan during the war, but due to a shortage of metal, some vacuum flasks had their exteriors made of Aritayaki porcelain, which has since been discovered.

It looks like an artifact that would be on display in a museum. When you look at it now, you will be struck by the very extravagant piece of art.


This Is The Portable Bottle That Every Working Woman Needs
Now, the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) have gained recognition over the past few years, and many of us are actively working on them individually.
Among these, the easy-to-use My Bottle and Portable Bottle are used by 90% of working women. Seventy percent of them use them at work.

The most important factor when purchasing a portable bottle was "capacity" at 16%, followed by "ease of care" and "price".
This Is The Portable Bottle That Every Working Woman Needs

From the survey, the result shows that the most used capacity is "401ml-500ml", which 54.1% of participants selected it. It is clear that more than half of the women place importance on capacity.
Every year, portable bottles have become lighter and lighter, and even women are choosing to use the larger capacity ones without worrying about the weight.
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