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The Flow of People Has Stopped & Time Has Stood Still In Tokyo

The world has become a place that no one expected it to be, and it is sometimes hard to be pessimistic that we are still so far from returning to the world as it was.

Here in Japan, the number of foreign tourists has plummeted, and even in Asakusa, a famous tourist spot in Tokyo, some stores have seen a 90% drop in sales.

In our impression, it was normal to see Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street always bustling with tourists.

However, after the state of emergency was declared, we realized that the world had truly changed, as people walking around were sparse even during the daytime when the weather was nice.

Source: Japan Daily News - The Mainichi


Those who tried to find enjoyment in such a situation enjoyed self-restraint time by making the most of their time to enhance their home time.

A new trend, Stay-at-home consumption!

During the period of self-restraint, a new term, ''Stay-at-home consumption'',  was also heard, and people's lives changed dramatically.

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Here are some examples of what is known as "Stay-at-home consumption" in Japan.

During the state of emergency, many people refrained from going out unnecessarily and cooked for themselves, used food delivery services and e-commerce sites for shopping.

Among them, food delivery apps have made great strides.

Food delivery, which had not been popular in Japan, became popular as people became aware of its convenience due to the Corona pandemic.

It has become common to see deliverymen dashing around town on their bicycles to deliver food to consumers.

Remote work, which is more than 80% commonly adopted in Europe and the United States, was actually an irregular way of working in Japan.

However, in the wake of the Corona pandemic, Japanese companies are beginning to embrace it in droves.

If people can work without going out, they are less inclined to go out for shopping and more inclined to shop on e-commerce sites or order food delivery.

Source:Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, "Business Dynamics Research"


However, due to a sharp decline in inbound sales, retail sales of goods, especially in department stores, have decreased.

The Japanese market has been hit hard, but JAPAN CARZE SHOP will continue to move forward in order to find a way to make a difference in such a situation.

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