Let’s Cheers with Japanese tumblers this summer! - JAPAN CRAZE Magazine vol.8 -
j-Grab Mall offers a selection of Japanese products, let’s introduce them by region.

As introduced in the previous issue of this newsletter, let's pick up the collaboration products of the craftsmanship of Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, and Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture.

Well, Japan is experiencing a record-breaking heat wave, but summer means this! The season of good beer and highballs has arrived.
Tsubame polishing Stainless Steel Kanazawa foil Insulation Highball Cup Japan

First of all, this tumbler, which is also beautiful to look at, is coated with gold "foil" – the foil processed with traditional foil processing technology cultivated in Kanazawa.

The word "glittering" is appropriate for the foil, which emits an elegant light.

gold "foil"


A characteristic of outstanding craftsmanship is a commitment to beauty even in the invisible.

These tumblers are also polished on the inside, making it a pleasure to look inside the cup after you finish your drink.
This tumbler has a vertical design which is perfect for highballs.

This tumbler has a vertical design which is perfect for highballs.
The height of the tumbler makes it more resistant to carbonation and allows you to enjoy the refreshing sensation of a highball for longer.

The design also allows for the enjoyment of carbonated beverages, even if they are not highballs, making it suitable for those who are not fond of alcohol.

Why is Kanazawa famous for "gold leaf"?

One of the reasons Kanazawa is famous for its gold leaf is the high humidity in Kanazawa.

Ishikawa Prefecture is located in the central part of Japan's main island, facing the Sea of Japan. Ishikawa Prefecture has a climate with a low sunshine rate and is so rainy that there is a saying, "Even if you forget your lunch box, don't forget your umbrella.

In addition, the humidity rarely falls below 70% throughout the year. This high humidity is ideal for the production of gold leaf, which does not have the dryness that causes static electricity.

It is said that Kanazawa craftsmen have the temperament of artisans who can continue to work with tenacity and delicacy. During the Edo period (1603-1867), the Edo shogunate's policy prohibited foil printing outside of Edo and Kyoto.

It is said that the experience and ingenuity accumulated in this harsh environment eventually led to the development of advanced foil-making techniques. This historical background is thought to have nurtured the skills of

craftsmen and also created a patient temperament, which is indispensable for delicate gold leaf production.

The beer or highball you usually drink will taste even better, and it is a luxury to have a gem of Japanese craftsmanship close at hand to enjoy.

We hope that you can find a special tumbler to enjoy your drink at j-Grab Mall!


JAPAN CRAZE Store Manager
Naoko Saito
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