It is mid-September, and the mornings and evenings have become more comfortable with autumn-like weather.
In Japan, the conditions for accepting foreign tourists have been further eased this month. It is expected that the number of foreign tourists and inbound consumption will increase in the future.

Foreign tourists who have been eagerly awaiting their trip to Japan are also arriving in Japan and enjoying their long-awaited trip.
Among them, “koto consumption” (experiential consumption) is attracting attention.
You can experience deep Japan by staying at a ryokan (Japanese inn) in a traditional Japanese house or enjoying Japanese food in a Japanese-style room with tatami mats.


"Zabuton" is a Daily Necessity
"Zabuton" is a square-shaped, slightly flattened cushion that can be seen at Japanese ryokan and in Japanese-style rooms.
The Zabuton is one of the daily necessities used in ordinary Japanese homes.
They are used not only in the Japanese-style rooms of traditional Japanese houses but also in rooms with modern interiors, where they fit in nicely and are well-liked.

Zabuton used on tatami mats are larger, about 55 cm to just under 60 cm per side. Those used on chairs will be smaller than this.
During the New Year's and Bon holidays, when people return to their hometowns, all relatives gather in a large hall with tatami mats.
They sit down on Zabuton and spend time around the dining table, eating and chatting.

What is The Material of The Zabuton?
Polyester, a lightweight material that is easy to carry, and urethane, which is less tiring to sit on for long periods of time, are usually used to make Zabuton. Resilient cotton cushions are also a material that has been used for many years.
And rush grass material is said to absorb moisture two to three times better than cotton. It can absorb excess moisture in the air and store it inside. Conversely, when it is dry, it releases the stored moisture and keeps the humidity in the room constant. This material is perfect for the Japanese climate.

Let's take a look at the results of a survey about the aroma emitted by natural rush grass.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

More than 90% of the respondents said that they like it.
We also notice that many users have the impression that the fragrance is good (soothing and relaxing).

The results show that rush grass products, which have been used around us since ancient times, are still supported in the modern age.

Items that allow you to enjoy the refreshing fragrance of rush grass are available at j-Grab Mall. We hope you can enjoy them in your daily life.

JAPAN CRAZE Store Manager
Naoko Saito
Japan craze magazine