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In Japan, June marks the arrival of the rainy season known as "Tsuyu."

The rainy season "Tsuyu" is a distinctive seasonal phenomenon in Japan where rainy and cloudy days persist as the season transitions from spring to mid-summer. Similar to the blooming of cherry blossoms in spring, a stationary front called the "Baiu" front slowly moves from south to north, advancing through the Japanese archipelago. Generally, the rainy season does not reach Hokkaido, which is located in the northernmost part of Japan.

During the rainy season, people can be seen walking with umbrellas at the bustling Shibuya Scramble Crossing in Tokyo. (Photo taken by j-Grab Mall staff)

Does the rainy season cause stress for Japanese people?!

The rainy season is vital and plays a significant role as a "blessing rain" in the natural world. However, it is also a period where heavy rainfall and disasters are more likely to occur. Additionally, it becomes easier for mold and bacteria to proliferate, leading to increased food spoilage and the accumulation of odors in homes, clothing, and shoes. Furthermore, this season is characterized by high humidity and muggy weather, making it very uncomfortable.

The graph below represents the results of a survey conducted by Kao Corporation, a leading consumer goods and chemical manufacturer in Japan. It shows that over 80% of Japanese men and women experience stress during the rainy season.

Source: What are your stresses, problems and concerns during the rainy season? ​By Kao Corporation


Drive away unpleasant odors and bacteria! Introducing our featured products at j-Grab Mall

Even if you reside in a country or region without a rainy season like Japan, have you ever been bothered by unpleasant odors?

In fact, Japanese people are highly sensitive to body odor, unpleasant smells, and overpowering scents from cologne or perfume. When encountering strong smells, many people tend to avoid them.

In Japan, individuals make a point to use deodorants to minimize body odor and strive to achieve an almost odorless state. They prefer using a small amount of cologne or perfume to create a subtle, "lightly" pleasant fragrance.

Japanese women are particularly concerned about fragrance, and many even retain the scent of shampoo and conditioner throughout the day.

By the way, it is often heard that when foreign visitors land at Japanese airports, they say, "Hmm, there's no scent! It's odorless. The toilets are clean, and there isn't a single piece of trash!" In the Skytrax Customer Satisfaction Survey's "World's Cleanest Airports Ranking," Japanese airports have been selected among the top 10, with three of them making the list. They are known for being clean and without any odors. Please be sure to experience it for yourself during your next visit to Japan!

Let's get back to the main topic. Many of the causes of unpleasant odors are volatile compounds released during the proliferation of bacteria, such as mold. Today, j-Grab Mall would like to introduce products that are useful for deodorizing and antibacterial purposes.


How do your socks smell...? Mmmm...,no comment.


Antibacterial, antivirus, and anti-allergenic effects with enhanced stabilized silver ions – HT Silver 10 Silver Ion Deodorant Spray by Mediscience-Espoir

The HT Silver 10 Silver Ion Deodorant Spray is a spray that has been developed through research and development of disinfectants that are gentle on the body and exhibit strong antibacterial effects. It provides antiviral, antibacterial, anti-allergen, and deodorizing effects. It is alcohol-free, chemical-free, fragrance-free, and colorless, while also offering anti-static properties. It can be sprayed on luxury fabric products, leather products, metal, plastic, and more, without damaging painted or dyed surfaces, and there is no need for wiping afterward.


It does not discolor or weaken when exposed to light or heat.


Easily eliminate odors inside your shoes with Creative-Technology DEODORANT ONE Shoe Disinfectant/Deodorizer

DEODORANT ONE is a shoe-specific deodorizing device created based on the expertise accumulated by a manufacturer of components for semiconductor manufacturing equipment in the semiconductor industry. By simply turning on the power and placing it inside the shoes for 2 hours, it not only eliminates bacteria and odors but also adsorbs and deodorizes allergens and mites. The device utilizes radicals generated around the surface of the company's self-developed radical sheet to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and eradicate odors from the source.

DEODORANT ONE is also effective against Trichophyton fungus, allowing you to maintain cleanliness inside your shoes by using it consistently.


For daily use, the 15-minute mode is recommended!


Palm-sized and easy to carry! Creative-Technology OiSHi Mini Air Purifier

OiSHi Mini Air Purifier weighs only 85g! It is a compact and lightweight portable air purifier that operates on battery power, making it convenient to carry around. It is equipped with a high-performance 3-layer electrostatic dust collection filter developed in-house, which effectively captures not only pollen and PM2.5 particles but also tiny viruses. It also has the additional benefit of deodorizing and disinfecting with negative ions.


By inserting an "Aroma Tablet" filled with natural aroma into the ceramic tablet, you can enjoy the fragrance along with clean air.


Contains titanium apatite to cleanse both body and environment! – 3 kinds of Soap by TAKARA YOUJYOU

TAKARA YOUJYOU Takara Protect Soap is a set of five soaps with an adorable and traditionally Japanese-style packaging. It has a gentle fragrance of green tea, making it popular among international tourists as a souvenir from Japan. It lathers well, and the soap's active ingredients effectively adsorb and decompose viruses and bacteria, leaving you with a clean and refreshed feeling after washing.

TAKARA YOUJYOU Esther's Eyes Soap contains Dead Sea mud, which is actually used in high-end esthetic salons in Tokyo's Ginza district. The natural minerals and nutrients found in the mud help remove impurities deep within the pores, improve skin texture, and maintain healthy skin.

The greatest strength of TAKARA YOUJYOU Kawasaki Ryoku titanium bubble Soap lies in its cleansing power and deodorizing effect. With twice the amount of titanium apatite compared to competing products, it effectively adsorbs and rinses away stubborn dirt and odor-causing substances. It is also effective against body odor, which is said to increase after the age of 40.


From top to bottom: Takara Protect Soap, Esther's Eyes Soap, Kawasaki Ryoku titanium bubble Soap.


Enjoy the scent of souveniraroma Japanese Essential Oil♪

How about enjoying the fragrance with essential oils once your room, shoes, and body are clean?

souveniraroma Japanese Essential was developed by Japanese high school students in their teens. The fresh scent of Japanese citrus fruit yuzu and mandarin orange is available as a standalone essential oil. However, the souveniraroma Japanese Essential 3 piece SET also includes the highly aromatic essential oil of hinoki, a representative fragrance of Japan.


The packaging uses a paulownia box that evokes a sense of traditional culture, along with banana paper, which is gaining attention as a recyclable material.


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