Let's go camping! - JAPAN CRAZE Magazine vol.29 -

The sunlight pouring down. The wind swaying the trees. The sound of water from rivers and lakes. The chirping of birds.

At night, we gather around a campfire, warming ourselves while gazing at the starry sky...

What a wonderfully relaxing experience!

Why not escape the hustle and bustle of busy everyday life and go camping in the great outdoors?

Japan is currently experiencing a camping boom! What is "solo-kyan" (solo-camping)?

According to a survey conducted by JTB, a well-known travel company with numerous branches worldwide, including the J-Grab Mall showroom store, the top three destinations that Japanese people want to visit during this year's Golden Week (a series of consecutive holidays in late April and early May in Japan) are places where they can enjoy natural landscapes, engage in experiential activities, and focus on food as the main purpose.

An activity where you can enjoy nature while also indulging in delicious meals... that is undoubtedly camping!

Source: Travel Trends for Golden Week 2023 (April 25-May 5) JTB

By the way, are you familiar with the manga and anime series called "Yuru Camp△" (Laid-Back Camp)? This anime gained popularity, and at the same time, influenced by camping-themed influencers on social media, it sparked a camping boom in Japan around 2018.

Furthermore, the restrictions on outdoor activities due to the pandemic actually fueled the camping boom in Japan. With the need to maintain physical distance from others, "solo camping" became extremely popular, to the extent that it gave rise to the trendy term "ソロキャン" (Solo-kyan). Solo camping allows people to enjoy themselves with minimal luggage, providing a casual and carefree experience while keeping a safe distance from others.

There are countless ways to enjoy camping.
Among them, cooking outdoors is extraordinary, fun, and exceptionally delicious!
Today, we will introduce a selection of useful products for camping cooking from j-Grab Mall!

A stylish iron plate that shines with craftsmanship – GOKUTETSU & ZALA by KAMISHIRO

Designed for ease of use, the four corners are bent with advanced craftsmanship to prevent oil and water from spilling.

The KAMISHIRO GOKUTETSU Iron Plate and KAMISHIRO ZALA Iron Plate are iron plates that have passed Japan's quality standards in terms of material and craftsmanship. They are created with advanced artisan techniques.

With their stylish design, they can be used as serving dishes and can also be placed directly over a fire for cooking. Both plates have a compact size of 260mm in width and 160mm in length, making them convenient for solo camping or duo camping.

An easy-to-assemble yet sturdy campfire pit – KAMISHIRO TAHU Fire Plate

Using it with KAMISHIRO GOKUTETSU Iron Plate and KAMISHIRO ZALA Iron Plate is also nice and unified.

The KAMISHIRO TAHU Fire Plate is a campfire stand that can be easily assembled with four simple parts. It is made of a 9mm thick iron plate, ensuring excellent stability. It can be set up on the uneven ground and can withstand heavy cooking utensils such as Dutch ovens.

Let's make delicious smoked food! – KONNO Compact Aluminum Smoker

Smoker developed from an idea from a camper

The KONNO Compact Aluminum Smoker is an authentic outdoor smoker that is made of aluminum, weighing only 387g. It offers a compact design, with a height of 180mm when assembled and a folding height of 100mm when stacked. This allows for easy portability and makes it ideal for outdoor use.

It is compatible with various heat sources such as alcohol stoves, cassette stoves, smoking wood chips, and solid fuel tablets.

An apron that ages alongside your camping experiences – SKLO Single Sheet Leather Camp Handmade Apron.

The more you use it, the more it molds to your body, and the scratches and stains become part of its unique character. That's the charm of leather.

The SKLO Single Sheet Leather Camp Handmade Apron is made from a single piece of cow leather, known for its durability and heat resistance.

In addition to a spacious wide-mouth pocket, the SKLO Single Sheet Leather Camp Handmade Apron features a holder for carrying tools and gloves. The design is simple yet timeless, with meticulous attention to material, design, and stitching to achieve minimal functionality.



Honestly, the products introduced today are not inexpensive. However, the common philosophy among Japanese manufacturers is to provide products that are durable and safe for long-term use.

So, let's go camping!


JAPAN CRAZE Store Manager
Naoko Saito
Japan craze magazine